Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Students of Kasese Humanist Primary School: Katusabe Ritah

Katusabe Ritah
This week's letter from Kasese Humanist Primary School is from student Katusabe Rita. She wrote this upbeat poem about what Humanism and a Humanist school mean to her.
My name is Katusabe Ritah. I study at Kasese Humanist Primary School. I am in primary seven class. I have a poem about our school.

Humanist! Humanist! Humanist!
Humanist is one of the private schools in Kasese.
Humanist has good teachers.
Humanist has good students.
We study well at humanist.

Humanist! Humanist! Humanist!
Humanist has computers and computer knowledge to pupils.
Humanist is a school that has free thinking students and so does other schools.
Humanist has all good things like computers, books and freedom to learn.

Humanist! Humanist! Humanist!
Humanist has a library and access to information.
Humanist has a school logo and so does other schools.
Humanist has the school's anthem, a rational message to all personalities.

We have sponsors at humanist, we write to penpals in USA and so we are always at school.
We study productive lessons at Humanist.
We study humanism every Wednesday.
What a good school Humanist is!

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