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Update: Kasese Humanist School Construction Resumes!

Some school children standing in front of the the new structures. I believe the kitchen is to the left, while the School
Hall is on the right.

Awhile back, I reported that the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda received new funds vital to resuming construction of their new school on permanent land they own. The funds have been raised primarily via these sources.

The school was in urgent need of money. The looming rainy season threatened to warp exposed wood roof beams. Three structures laid roofless with their insides exposed to the elements.

Well, construction has resumed at full steam this last week. Buildings are now being roofed just in time to save the structures from potential water-related damage!  I'll quote emails I got from school director Bwambale Robert and share some of the pictures.

Nursery Block

Upon receipt of the AAI funds generated from secular communities worldwide, work was resumed. Since last weekend, I have embarked on several tasks. Work on the Nursery Block includes face-lifting the veranda ceiling and final touches on the backside ventilators. 
The veranda ceiling is what we would commonly call roof soffits here in Canada.

Veranda ceiling above. You can see the windows and the ventilation holes above them.

Working on patching veranda ceiling.
Here's another photo of the very smart and nearly completed Nursery. This building is the most complete building of the entire complex, and you can see just how beautiful it is. The next step, I believe, will be a colourful coat of exterior paint.
Photo of the nearly complete exterior of the Nursery Block showing one of the ramps onto the veranda. Also note the solid windows and metal door.
Bwambale sent me a detailed list of paint colours for the buildings. The fronts will be painted in the school uniform colours, while the backs and sides will be maroon. I'll leave the details out so you'll all be treated to a surprise later!

School Hall

As for the much larger School Hall building, on the 12th I received this update.
Some work on the School Hall building is in progress and so far, we have just concluded meshing up the veranda ceiling on this unit and we are yet to apply some sand/cement mixture in an effort to create a decent ceiling. 
Sand to cement School Hall, which is pictured here. I believe the black timbers have been treated to make
them more resistant to water damage.
If you look closely at the picture below, you will see a metal mesh being placed on the soffit beams to hold the cement. 

Worker applying a metal mesh onto the soffit (veranda roof) above the veranda.
Below is a photo of how the school hall looked prior to the school obtaining the last injection of needed funds to resume work. There was a fear that the exposed wood roof supports would begin to warp if left exposed to the elements.

Photo of unroofed section of the School Hall.
Newly gabled wing of School Hall. Corrugated roofing also being put on. Notice how much larger
and more impressive the building appears when there are people next to it to demonstrate scale.
Work continues on the School Hall, the largest building in the complex.
Finally, both wings of the School Hall are being roofed!
The School Hall should be fully roofed within the next few days, if all goes well. Bwambale is also making all rooms in the school electricity ready. Currently, just the first building - which came with the land - has a power line running to it, thanks to our previous electrification fundraiser.
In the School hall, it will have a raised stage at one end and the builders have put provisions of power sockets and switches at strategic location within the hall. We have done this also to all the rooms at KHPS site and upon completion, electric wires will be extended to these buildings.

Kitchen & Storeroom

The kitchen and storage room is being plastered.

Plastering the kitchen and storage room.
Further progress plastering the kitchen and store room.


Bwambale also updated me on the all-important latrine The pictures below show that the structure has been roofed.

From the 12th:
I have procured some timbers to be worked on by the local carpenter to make door frames and shutters for the school latrines. It should be noted that the latrine under construction has 8 stances and will be plastered soon.
Latrine has been roofed.
Below you can see the latrine has been gabled with the very important heat (and possible smell) vent at the top.
Latrine gables being constructed.
The third image below is from Friday, some days later than Bwambale's above update. Plastering has begun here.

Plastering has begun inside the latrine.
So, that was a long post because there is lots going on at the school! I hope I'm showing that if you donate to this cause, your money has an immediate and concrete impact. I mean, you cannot get much more direct than this!

Please consider chipping in a little?

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