Saturday, 29 March 2014

Great Updates From Kasese Humanist School In Uganda!

The Nursery Block is now 95% complete (source)
Remember my last update about the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda where I reported that the Nursery would be brightly painted but kept the colours back as a surprise? Well, surprise! The picture above shows the Nursery block painted in the school colours. The paint is there for both esthetics and for weather-proofing.

The Nursery is the first building on the school's new site to host classes. So far, 22 young children are enrolled there.

School Director Bwambale Robert is busy with school administration tasks these days, so was unable to give me his usual excellent email report. So, instead, I thought I would plug the school's fantastic Facebook page, which contains many more photos and updates. (As well as pilfer some of the photos with Bwambale's blessing, of course!)

and you can support their construction fundraiser:

Here's a shot of the Main Hall, which has just recently been roofed. You can see the electrical pole on the right, which was bought using funds raised by a this site's electrification fundraiser.

Main Hall (source)

Below is probably my favourite picture. The kitchen and storage room is half roofed. I like the little roof which I believe prevents rain from going into the smoke hole.

Kitchen and storage building (source).

Meanwhile, back at the current railroad station site, classes continue.

Children in the computer lab. (source)

Class in the existing railroad station site. What really strikes me is how much more solid the new buildings are at the new site.

Class at the existing site (source)
Breakfast time at Kasese Humanist Primary School (source)
Why not chip in a little to support construction at the new site?

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