Monday, 17 March 2014

Flight MH370: Doesn't Supernatural Conspiracy Woo Make It Even Worse?

So Sunday, a panel on Fox News CNN got tired of doing real journalism and went into woo crackpot supernatural conspiracy mode. I'm sure that just what the friends and families of the missing need to hear.

This part of the discussion is between CNN anchor Don Lemon and Decoded host Brad Meltzer. I've never seen this Decoded program but it seems to be a television version of Coast to Coast which would make it entertaining in very small doses.

There is also, apparently someone from Toronto on the right side but I am unable to identify him.

Brad Meltzer:
That makes it a mystery and mysteries are like any story. A story is not what did happen but what could happen.
Don Lemon:
Brad, I'm glad you bought that up. Because we have been talking about this. I have been getting questions from viewers on social media, though email and even on the streets. Especially today, on a day when we the deal with the supernatural, when we go to church,  the supernatural power of God. You deal with all of that. People are saying to me 'why aren't you talking about the possibility' and I'm just putting it out there, that something odd happened to this plane. Something beyond our understanding. 
Brad Meltzer:
I'm not one of those believers that aliens came down or anything like that...
Oh right, because -- aliens! Pfft! -- that would be completely unreasonable. Supernatural something or other did it is way more plausible. We've got this nice God/Supernatural gap here with no concrete facts! Better fill it in with woo.

Yes, something spooky and supernatural is apparently worth considering here, evidently. What's really ironic to me is that between the ridiculously improbable supernatural cause and the ridiculously improbable alien abduction, the aliens are actually slightly more likely because at least these would not require the introduction of some supernatural realm.

The Wonkette summed this up well:
And Meltzer readily agreed. Oh, sure, “People roll their eyes at conspiracy theories, but what conspiracy theories do is they ask the hardest, most outrageous questions sometimes, but every once in a while they’re right,” he said. And so apparently, we really do have to consider the possibility that something freaky-weird happened, because somehow it’s supposedly unlikely that a 200-foot airplane might be hard to find in a search area comprising thousands of square miles.

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