Monday, 24 February 2014

Pictures From Humanist School's New Nursery Block

Young children at the newly-built nursery on Rukoki campus. (source)
Kasese Humanist Primary School Director Bwambale Robert posted a nice photo album on Facebook that I think demonstrates just how much more sturdy the new classroom blocks are at the school's new permanent location at Rukoki than their current leased location at an abandoned rail yard.
Children at Kasese Humanist Primary School have just concluded doing their beginning of term 1 examinations and today i had chance to take snap shoots of some pupils at the school in both the Railway Campus and Rukoki Campus. Enjoy as you look at the photographs. Special thanks to our generous well wishers, supporters, friends and enemies of the school. With Science, we can progress.
Just take a look at the nice plaster and cement floor and walls in the image above along with the solid metal locking door. Compare it with this shot below of a classroom in their current location at the rail yard where we see only corrugated metal walls and wood.

Older students taking their first of semester examination at current/old rail station campus.

You can even see light shining through the walls and notice the lack of an actual window. Also notice the lack of a floor - well, there's dirt.

When it comes to learning without distraction, I would think the more solid new building would provide a better, more sheltered and secure, environment.

The fundraiser to build the remaining required buildings on the new land and move the school (including the chicken coop!) has just topped $9,000! This puts us just a tiny bit shy of 1/3rd of our ultimate goal, but progress is slow but steady.

For more pictures, check out Bwambale's Facebook album here.

If you would like to contribute to the fundraiser, visit:

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