Monday, 10 February 2014

Pastor Justin Vollmar Comes Out as Atheist On Youtube In American Sign Language

From Justin Vollmar's Youtube vlog. (VirtualDeafChurch)
Now here's something unique that you don't see every day. Not only is Justin Vollmar a preacher who has revealed he's now an Atheist, but he came out using Sign Language on his blog at Youtube.

He is pastor at the Virtual Deaf Church and has been putting out videos in ASL for several years. Now he's joined the Clergy Project which has ballooned to over 550 members.
In this video, I am coming out of closet. I no longer believe in God. I am an Atheist now. This video explains my journey to doubt. This video is signed in American Sign Language. This video consists subtitles.
In the video he mentions:
“A profound wonderful change occurred in my life. My mind just completely shifted to the other side,” he said, noting that he could not allow himself to continue posting Bible-based videos. “After a long and mighty struggle, the answer finally became clear. This may shock you completely. Yes, I have become an atheist.”
Congratulations to Justin for this very brave act! Check out his video where he breaks the good news.


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  2. Someone on Twitter sent me a link to a Christian response to the video, which is lame lame lame:

  3. I am impressed with your courage,
    you da man!!!!!!