Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Humanist School Urgently Needs Help Before Rainy Season

The inside of the Main Hall structure remains open to the elements and the dry season is nearly over.

Usually I try to space my Kasese Humanist Primary School updates to weekly features. I do this so people don't start thinking this blog is nothing more than an elaborate fundraising campaign. But in this case I will make an exception.

The fundraiser seems to have stalled again. This wouldn't be such a huge problem only a month or so ago because there were no half-completed structures sitting around. Well, that's not the case now.

As School Director Bwambale Robert mentioned in my last update, the rainy season is fast approaching in Uganda. It usually comes in around mid-February to mid-March!
One of my main challenges now is to roof the school hall building which needs over 180 corrugated iron sheets and the school kitchen which needs 20 iron sheets to ensure the bricks are protected from the harsh wet season coming up in mid February and March this year. I however tried to plaster the outer part on this building. Roofing it soon will help in giving the building shape and protecting exposed timbers from bending. We are right now still enjoying the hot sunny weather conditions of Kasese but when the rains come things might not be fine.
In fact, recent rainy seasons have been downright violent in Uganda with strong rainfall causing severe flooding just up river in the mountain town of Kilembe.

Bwambale has broken down an expense list of his most pressing needs to make sure they at least protect the investment donors have made so far.

This is a pretty big number, but I'm confident that even a smaller amount will go a long way to at least protect the buildings in the form of a roof or some sort of covering, which I think is the bare minimum here.

Anyway, things are rather urgent here. So if you have a rich uncle or are willing to chip in any amount -- or spread the word! -- please know you're action will be much appreciated and you'll get to see pretty immediate results by following this blog. Not many other charities out there show this kind of tangible effect.

And, why not Do it for Darwin?

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