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Construction Update at Ugandan Humanist School: Skeptics Digging Septics!

Construction of 8 new latrines.
So a lot of progress has been made at the Kasese Humanist Primary School's new campus construction site since my last update not more than a week ago! As usual, I'll be including extracts from School Director Robert Bwambale in this post.

Also, next week, I will be sharing more information about exactly what's needed in the short term to keep this construction project moving. Because it looks like we're about to hit another lull. If you would like to contribute to this project -- and construction is set to halt again due to lack of funds! -- please chip in whatever you can over at the fundraiser page.

As pictured above, a eight unit (4 on each side) latrine has been dug, cement has been poured to shore up the pit properly and a solid brick structure has been erected. You know, skeptics digging septics.

In addition to the septic tank and latrines being near to completion, the school kitchen and storeroom is also now taking shape.
There has been some construction of the septic tank toilet plus the school kitchen with a store room attached also being put up. 
School kitchen with attached storeroom.
Currently, the least developed (and most ambitious) structure is the School Hall. This building has been started but, due to insufficient funds,  it may have to stand unfinished and possibly suffer some climate damage if it sits for too long.
Also the school hall building has been given a face lift and have tried my best to make good use of the financial resources at my disposal and soon will be giving in my full accountability report. Roof timbers have been added on the roofs of this building and all the chalk boards on this building are complete save one. We're also plastering the entire inside part.
The school hall building still requires a roof, floor and windows.
Essentially, materials need to be bought to roof this large structure.
The builder is telling me that to roof the entire building a total of close to 160 corrugated iron sheets are required to roof the entire place and its like we shall try to roof a small section on this building as we solicit for more funds from well wishers.
Another shot of the main hall, which may have to be put on pause.
As I hinted at above, in a later email, Bwambale pointed out that there is actually some real urgency here. Although the construction began at the beginning of the dry season, the rains are on their way in the coming month and without roofs, the kitchen and main hall risk excess exposure and water damage.
One of my main challenges now is to roof the school hall building which needs over 180 corrugated iron sheets and the school kitchen which needs 20 iron sheets to ensure the bricks are protected from the harsh wet season coming up in mid February and March this year. I however tried to plaster the outer part on this building. Roofing it soon will help in giving the building shape and protecting exposed timbers from bending. We are right now still enjoying the hot sunny weather conditions of Kasese but when the rains come things might not be fine.
Essentially, most of the last big injection of funds has been nearly depleted with the construction of a robust cemented and plastered latrine and kitchen and storeroom. However, I'm sure everyone would realize that these are absolutely essential structures for any functioning school.

Another picture of the main hall.
Blackboard installation in the main hall, which is still exposed to the elements.
On a more positive note, the school term has already begun at the current Railway Campus.

Meanwhile, because only the nursery block is near complete (90%), the Rukoki Campus will only service nursery aged children - Baby, Middle and Upper classes. The nursery opened its doors on the 4th of February. There are currently 14 children already enrolled into the nursery school program and more are expected to show up this coming Monday.

Inside the nearly complete nursery block.

The nearly complete nursery block.
Other things that need to get done are erecting school logos, painting all the buildings and shuttering the school hall building.

Bwambale once again thanked donors Meredith Doig and Randall Philipo, who were able to raise a substantial portion of the latest injection of funds.

Meanwhile, the school received scholastic art supplies and stationery from Kids Heart Kids and book donations by the Uganda Humanist Schools Trust.

Very pleasant looking photo of the new nursery block.

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