Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Canada's Next Cardinal Vows to Tackle Tsunami of Secularization

Gerald Lacroix (source)
Really important and interesting news, everyone! Arch Bishop Gerald Lacroix has been Cardinalized by Pope Francis.

Why is this exciting news for a secularist lefty like me? No, not because Lacroix is a Quebecer like me. It's because he thinks secularism is important too!

Canada's next cardinal, a missionary against secularism
Archbishop Lacroix’ time in Quebec City, the provincial capital, has been marked by an increasing “closed secularism” in which the government actively secularizes society and pushes religion “out of the public square altogether,” according to a Quebecois Catholic school administrator.
I've heard this public square thing all over the place. I wonder what it means to people like Lacroix. I sincerely do.

Because to me it means a public space where ideas can be exchanged, criticised, mocked, dismissed. The most important part is the first one, there, exchanged. I don't think it means trying to legislate against women being able to terminate their pregnancies, or preventing gay people from getting married, or keeping the corpses of women alive as incubators for horribly deformed non-viable fetuses against their family's will, or buying up all the hospitals so they can deny certain legal procedures to people based on their religion etc. etc. 

Anyway, I'm not certain who this school administrator is, but I am pleased to see an increasingly secular Quebec society. As this French Catholic priest would agree, secularism is the best thing possible for everyone; religious or non-religious.

Well, Lacroix is not happy with secularism and he's taken a missionary's position against it (as should all good Catholics).  He's upset that 83% of Quebecers consider themselves Catholic and yet secularism has been an increasingly popular position in this province since the Quiet Revolution when the population decided that maybe they don't need to be lorded over by the Church.
Archbishop Lacroix has called it a “tsunami of secularization,” and has made it his mission to evangelize the Quebecois.
Well, I say, bring it. Can we start with talking about removing the tax exempt status for church properties and deductions for clergy residences? God knows, the money could go to good use to fix infrastructure.


  1. "tsunami of secularization" ?

    No. Just the internet. As it turns out, once people find out that they can get actual facts from someplace, with evidence to back it up, they never go back to the liars.

  2. The advisory committee for this so-called "Office of Religious Freedoms" were 4 Christians, one Jew and one Bahai. We are the radical fringe who are trusted on par with Child Molestors (a recent study showed). They don't care about us. They want us to tow the line.

  3. Saudi Arabia is a source of great idiotic religion stories. I am not sure why the UN has not tired to kick them out, oh yes oil. Oh well back to work.

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