Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Uganda Humanist School Thanks Two Donors For Their Amazing Contributions!

 Meredith Doig and Phil Randall (photo courtesy Meredith)
Yesterday, I got an email from Bwambale, Project Director of the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda.

The news is that longtime supporter of the school, Meredith Doig and her friend Phil Randall donated a wonderful $3856 USD to Atheist Alliance International towards the ongoing construction project of classrooms on the new permanent site!

(AAI has graciously accepted to collect and wire funds to the school.)

My own fundraiser essentially forwards the money to the same place. It just includes a progress meter.

Meredith is also the president of the Rationalist Society of Australia. So Aussies represent!

Here's part of the e-mail from Bwambale:
I am sharing with you news about a donation made to KHPS towards the classroom construction exercise made by Phil Randall and Meredith Doig who donated US$ 3856 altogether. These funds have been sent through AAI and this actually is a bigger boost towards our fundraiser. This means more work will be done on uplifting the looks of the Nursery block and the other block.
 I have already sent Phil and Meredith thank you emails for the donation.
Right now, I am working on filling the nursery block rooms as I prepare them for possible flooring and plastering inside.  I already have with me 12 cement bags but need more so that the builders can commence work soon.
Also, I am engaging local guys to remove the tree trunks from the property and removing the ant hills as in trying to level the land for a possible playing field, farmland and school compound. 
I sent an email of thanks to Meredith and Phil and asked if I could have a little backstory about how the money was raised. Meredith responded and included some nice pictures of motorcycles too!
Some years ago I did a motorcycle ride through Bhutan with a firm called "Ferris Wheels" ...

Meredith Doig (photo courtesy her).
Phil Randall was one of the other riders on that trip and we became good friends.  Phil is retired now but still rides - mostly off road (not my favourite!)  He's a great contributor to his local bike club and a local Lions Club and helps restore old steam engines. 
After my recent visit to Uganda (where I met with Bwambale and some of the teachers at the Kasese school), I was telling Phil about the project to build a permanent school and he was inspired to help, so I asked him if he would like to make a donation.  The deal was, anything he gave, I would match dollar for dollar. 
Good to his word, Phil sent me a cheque in the mail ... and I matched it.   
Sometimes you just have to ask ...
Thanks to Meredith and Phil for this amazing donation!

Because I can't add the AAI funds to the Causes.com fundraiser, I am reducing the total amount to raise from $35,000 to $30,000! If you would like to chip a little in, please visit the page!

And you can donate directly to the AAI (using Paypal or credit card) here!

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