Sunday, 12 January 2014

New Video In Support of KHPS Fundraiser!

It's late but I think it's finally decent enough to post. Who knew video editing was so time consuming!

Awhile back, Meredith Doig sent me a great slideshow she put together of pictures she took while visiting the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda. I was inspired by this and decided to make my first ever video. I have a new found respect for anyone using iMovie.

Luckily, for everyone, Shelley Segal very nicely offered to donate any of her songs for the project. So I chose Gratitude off her An Atheist Album.

Then Conor Robinson and Wendy Webber from the Pathfinders Project nicely donated some images!

I even got School Director Bwambale Robert to contribute images and take new video of the grounds! I'm such a rabble rouser!

Anyway, here's my video. I hope it helps get the word out a little farther.


  1. I'm new to the Canadian secular scene. Is Justin highly regarded here? How does he stack up compared to the "all star" debaters like Dawkins, Harris, and Barker?

  2. He's pretty well known in the community here. He's also appeared on the (Canadian Fox News) Sun News channel several times. Check it out on Youtube.


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