Friday, 27 December 2013

Construction Progresses On Nursery And Main Hall For Uganda Humanist School

Block Three construction plus Main Hall.
Preparing the house for guests and a whole whack of other things - including renovations - has drained all time from me this past couple of days.

Oh, was it Christmas or something? Thankfully, I have this update from Bwambale Robert, school director of the Kasese Humanist Primary School to post!
Hope you are doing fine and I guess you are enjoying the holidays. 
I too am enjoying them in-style for this season. As people all over were heading to churches here for "christmyth", I was much occupied with classroom construction. The builders worked on the 25th of December. As compensation, I offered them a very nice meal that constituted of meat, rice, chopped Irish potatoes, some greens and bacon. 
The builders worked on plastering the outer walls of the nursery classroom block while a section was engaged in taking proper measurements and marking the limits  of classrooms in a new block to house 3 classrooms and a school main hall. The main hall or School Hall is a vital requirement for any school to qualify for registration and acquisition of an Examination Center Number. The Hall will be host important school meetings, be a venue for assemblies, music events, debates and workshops. The Hall will be spacious enough to serve these roles. 
Meanwhile, plastering of the entire inside of the nursery building has been suspended a bit for 3 days as the builders give way to the roofers to accomplish their task. The roofers have already made the pins and possibly in a few days, we shall see how far they are going on with the work. 
I procured yesterday more 7 trips of bricks and more trips of murram. 
Today, 17 masons and 15 porters were at the site and played an active role in laying a foundation of the third building. Am attaching to you relevant photos to show what I have been doing.
That's right! Seventeen masons and fifteen porters. Let this be evidence that this project is for real and underway! I really cannot stress strongly how your donations to our fundraiser or directly to Atheist Alliance International help this project go on. We're talking about building a whole school here!

And THANK YOU to all of the donors! Every donation counts and I have noticed quite a few repeat donors! You are all amazing!

I got this e-mail back on the 21st from one of the volunteers helping to build the school, Solomon Masereka. I posted about him and his friend Tresor before when they were telling me about the successful letter exchange they had coordinated by
Construction is on at the school permanent site and everything is charging. I and Tresor are still helping at site and we hope to balance our appearance at both sites.
The builders are also doing a great work and we appreciate the Kasese Humanist Primary School friends worldwide including you. The photos showing great progress are already online as I have seen them on your blog.
Bwambale sent me several more pictures which I include at the bottom of this post. It you would like to sort get a feel of which buildings are what and where, check out the detailed floor plans.

Outer wall of Nursery plastered. This is the first building constructed as a result of this ongoing AAI fundraiser.
Back wall of new Nursery building. You can see the roof beams leaning on top.

Roof work in progress.


  1. Thanks for the update! Great progress and looking forward to lots more in 2014

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  3. Thanks Kevin! If you could spread the word in your humanist circles it would be great!

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