Thursday, 21 November 2013

Architectural Drawings Of New Humanist School In Uganda!

Artist's rendering of new Kasese Humanist Primary School buildings. 
(oblique view)
Today, Director of the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda, Bwambale Robert, sent me the architect's renderings of construction plans for the new school.

This project relies on donations to the Build a Humanist School fundraiser. Please go check it out!

These drawings come the same week that the school bought the necessary bricks to begin construction. Remember, you can follow this story using this label.

So here are the renderings along with some of the e-mail Robert sent me!
I am getting to you the artistic impression of the planned structures to be erected on the KHPS land. I am using a local experienced architect to do the work of generating a building plan for the classrooms, administration block and the nursery section.
Because the fundraiser is still just over $5,000 out of the total required $35,000, construction will begin in phases and I'm hoping that the cumulative achievement will build enthusiasm and momentum moving forward.
However, as the fundraiser is moving the way it is, we shall build the whole stuff in phases. The Building Plan is to be out in 2 weeks time and the whole design is depicted in the artistic impression attached.
Of course, these drawings are not 100% precise. The roofing will not be shingle. It will be more durable painted corrugated iron sheets.

All of this is an effort to make the school more self-reliant and less dependent on external entities. By owning their own land and building, the school can have more control over its future and more resources will be freed up for valuable community services.
The architect is doing the work for 400$ and I have paid the half. I will finalize as I go pick the plan when it's been approved by the municipal authorities here.

Front of building has Administration Block.

View of interior court yard and the Primary School section.

Side view of Administration Block, Primary School section and Nursery School section.

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