Friday, 8 November 2013

AAI Wires First $4000 To Humanist School In Uganda For New Classrooms Construction!

Bricks are already bering assembled at the new site in anticipation of a 
March construction start. You can see the only existing building on site, 
building one, on the upper-left.
It may seem quiet, but there is actually a lot of activity going on at the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda!

I will write a more detailed report of things this weekend, but for now I'd like to announce some good news!

I just got word a few days ago that Neil Ross, Treasurer over at Atheist Alliance International, wired $4000 to the school. 

This is money raised from the fundraiser to help the school construct new permanent structures on recently acquired land.

I asked Neil to break the numbers down for me and here's his e-mail response.
Last month we received two checks from Network for Good, one for $3491 and one for $571. I have also now deposited another two checks from Network for Good for $71 and $628. I will add this to other directed funds we have received through the AAI Foundation and make an additional transfer soon (I aim to do the transfers in larger amounts to minimize the impact of the wire transfer fee).
Bwambale Robert, School Director, has already collected sand from a recent flood in the region (did not affect school land) and has already acquired some bricks in hopes of being able to begin construction in March.
I am updating you plus the rest of donors towards the progress made on the KHPS land in regard to classroom construction preparations. 
I have secured some good number of bricks and piled them on the site that might start off 5 classrooms though our main interest is to have the 10 classrooms so we can run all the classes on the property.
I'm also happy to report that the fundraiser has reached the $5,000 mark as of yesterday!

I'll update everyone more this weekend about some of the other goings on at the school. But for now if you're interested in learning how you could chip in, please visit the fundraiser website!

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