Wednesday, 4 September 2013

US Jesuits: Gay is OKAY! ... Well they'll let you in the door at least...that's about it, I think...

New York City Bishop Dolan looking pretty fabulous in his
colourful hat and wielding a magickal stick. (screen capture
from one of the videos)
So there's this crater left where my mind just was after watching these videos put out by the US Jesuits (Catholic order) about how it's just fine to be gay and all. No problem!

US Jesuits release gay affirming video series saying faith and sexuality is compatible

The Catholic Jesuit order in the United States has produced a video series saying LGBT people are welcome in the church following Pope Francis I’s comments that he cannot judge gay people

At first, I thought "how could this be possible?" And I will admit that some of the commentary does strike me as rather mind boggling and baffling.
‘A reason why I think a lot of gay and lesbian people feel unwelcome in the church has less to do with the formal teaching of the church and more to do with the informal bigotries among Catholic Christians,’ the Rev. Matt Malone says. 
‘There is no inherent conflict between having same-sex attraction and being a faithful Catholic – there’s no ipso facto conflict there. The question is how do we live our lives and that’s the question that everybody faces.
And there's the rub. Nowhere in the series does it say it's actually okay to have a homosexual relationship and get married to your partner. Nowhere does it say it's okay to have sex with your same-sex partner or even to be intimate in other ways. I'm certain these things are forbidden and I can't help but feel a little sorry for people who are so desirous to make their Catholicism work that they deny a part of what makes them human, their sexuality.

It's more Catholics - including some clergy it seems -trying to salvage the Church from the inside. They're sticking with it to change it and make it better. Because God's church is all busted and screwed up. Because the Pope is infallible. Because transubstantiation. Because Catholicism is true.

No wait, because in the end, isn't the whole thing just entirely made up by people anyway, through and through?  Yes, I think it is.

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