Friday, 13 September 2013

A Guide For A More Reasoned Discussion of The Charter of Quebec Values

As I still attempt to formulate a properly coherent opinion about the new Quebec Charter of Values, I was happy to find an excellent post on the Canadian Atheist by David Rand and Veronica Abbass:

A Practical Guide for Discussion of the Charter of Quebec Values.

So if you're following the news on this I think you should take a look at it.

In fact, whether or not you agree with the new Charter, I think it would be quite beneficial to take a look at a post that's attempting to define a more rational and less emotionally charged debate on this topic. This seems to be seriously lacking in the English media at least.

(I'm not saying the French media doesn't have it's own problems too. But they are, on the whole, different problems.)

And perception wise,  from within Quebec, the English media seems to be like that nosy-knows-best aunt or mother-in-law that drops by and criticizes how things are done without actually understanding how the family works. The aunt has distinctly Canadian ideas and values that do not always match up with local mores. Listen, these Canadian ideas could very well be the superior ones, don't get me wrong, but the Rest of Canada really comes off as the moralizing aunt when it pops in every so often like this.

Anyway, it's worth the short read. And I hope you may find yourself thinking about the issue in slightly different ways and hopefully constructing arguments for or against the Charter based on sound arguments of fact and data rather than emotional appeals to Quebec nationalism, Muslim threats, Quebec xenophobia or racism or insinuating that women will no longer be allowed to wear head scarves in public anywhere.

For me, the key is to not consider where the Charter came from but rather what it says. I'm still reading the law itself, the English and French news outlets. And I have sought input from friends who are both pro and contra.

I still don't have a clear position for or against. It's very possible I will never accept it.  It's highly likely that parts of it will need to be changed for me to agree with it in its entirety. Luckily, the PQ is a minority government and that's bound to happen.

So keep reading, keep listening and keep speaking your mind, people!

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