Thursday, 22 August 2013

Update from KHPS: Electricity Coming Soon to New School Site!

UMEME technician installs power polls for future site of Kasese Humanist Primary School.
(photo: Bwambale Robert)
Well, things are abuzz in Kasese these days. After several months of waiting, it looks like electricity is coming to the future school site, Kasese Humanist Primary School's new permanent home!

Editor's Note 2013-08-22: Just a reminder that this electrification of the new land was made possible by generous donors to a past successful fundraiser!

August 20th:

Kasese School Directory, Robert Bwambale, has informed me that the power line company (UMEME) brought in two power poles, the holes have been dug, and they have been erected. Wires are being installed as well to support the poles.
'I am so glad seeing the fundraiser moving on gradually and this is some  thing good and promising.'
Bwambale also sent me a personal story of one of the students, Thembo Kamanzi, which I will post about in the coming weeks, I promise!

There was some bad news in this update. The Poultry Project suffered a small setback. There was recently an outbreak of chicken disease in the region and many birds of the local breed died.

However, losses were minimized. After the school lost two local breed chickens to the disease, the sold off the rest of the chickens that were local breed and the money has been put into reserve for restocking later with healthy local breeds once the disease has passed in the region.

The coop is still producing eggs though because there was always a mix between local breeds and an egg-laying breed that was not affected by the disease because they had proper immunization and have been fed a good regime of vitamins. So, these chickens are still in perfect health and the coop is still in business!

The Humanist travellers in the Pathfinders Project are expected to arrive at the school on September 11th!
'The second school term closes this Friday and parents have been called to the school this coming Sunday to collect the report cards of their children. The school will reopen in 16th of September this year.  I am also expecting the Pathfinders Project crew to be in Kasese on the 11th of September, some weeks before the school reopens.'

On the following day, August 21st, Bwambale sent me more images from the project. He had this update.
Sean, I am passing over to you more images about the electrification of the KHPS site. The UMEME guys have turned up this morning and added the conductors and most likely they will bring the meter this evening and instal it thereafter the chapter will be closed and we shall finally be connected to the power grid. I will keep you posted.
Electrical pole standing near the existing building on the new Kasese Humanist Primary School site.
(photo: Bwambale Robert)
Just in case I am not the only one that was confused by the word conductors. It is another term for wires. I know the purpose of wires is to conduct, but I have never heard that word before.

More news to come! I'll post all the photos to the fundraiser campaign page!

Do please consider chipping in a little for this project.

Children at Kasese Humanist School
I've started a fundraiser to help build classrooms on newly purchased land for the Kasese Humanist Primary School.

Please consider donating!

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