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More Horrific Stories of Child Abuse By Quebec Catholic Church - Forcible Circumcision.

Boy screaming in pain during forced circumcision.
Not a picture of Paul. A child being circumcised.
So everyone here in Montreal knows that the Catholic Church has become more or less irrelevant.

Most people only set foot into a church for weddings, funerals, Christmas masses and the occasional tragedy. The priests are just expected to do their thing and not get too preachy with all their mumbo jumbo - especially when it comes to telling people what to do with their junk.

And with one story coming in after the other about physical abuse in the local media, people don't need any reminding about why they gave the Pope the middle finger back in the Quiet Revolution and have now become one of the most secular societies on the planet.

Well, here's another horrendous tale. If you're squeamish - and especially if you have a penis - this might make you uncomfortable.

When he was eight years old and boarded at a church-run school in Montreal, Paul was forcefully held down on a desk and circumcised, because a priest had reason to believe Paul had—God forbid—masturbated.
All of this is part of the broader story of abuse of the Native Canadian population under the watch of the Catholic and Anglican Churches. You see, Paul had the double misfortune of being born Native Canadian in a time where children were wrenched from their parents and communities by the state and thrown into religious school. It's all part of our cultural-genocide filled Canadian heritage.

Paul had been living with this trauma since he was eight years old! That's when a priest and a Jewish circumciser (mohel) broke his arm and nose and then sliced up his penis with no painkillers. I can picture them huddled together in a dark room holding down this innocent screaming boy. What kind of inhuman hell is this? Makes me rather sick.
I was about eight, yes. I didn’t know anything about masturbating. I was totally innocent… Anyway, so late, late one night—we slept in a big dormitory with all the other boys—and late one night the priest came in and really roughly pulled me out of bed. He brought me down the stairs, he brought me down the hall, and he brought me to this room where there was this bearded guy. I didn’t know what was going on. It took me a long time to figure out what role these people played. It turns out that the guy with the beard who was wearing a beanie and a black suit was a mohel. A Jewish circumciser. 
They pulled my pyjamas down and then tried to pin me down to the desk, but of course it’s easier to do that to a baby than an eight year old. I fought back. I kicked one of the priests who was holding me down in the nose, and their response to that was to actually break my arm and break my nose. So I had a broken arm and a broken nose—which I still have to this day. He pinned me down, the guy put a clamp on my penis, and they performed the circumcision right there on the desk with no anaesthetic, no disinfectant, no nothing.
Paul decided to break his silence when one of the nuns at the convent he was being kept at reported she had been raped by priests (who had access into the building) regularly. What a wonderful place. Truly, this little patch of land owned and operated by the Holy Catholic Church, which had near limitless power in the province of Quebec at that time, it's truly the epitome of hell on earth!

This poor man was granted $12,000 by the British Columbia government for foreskin reconstruction surgery. You see, they mutilated his penis so much that it hurt to even have an erection and it was infected chronically for years. I'm all for him getting this money. But where's the Church in all this?

Why didn't the Catholic Church give him this money? Disgusting. Absolutely revolting.

Anyway, go read the story. I can't bear to comment on it anymore.

But just one more thing. Of course, in a way nearly all circumcisions are forced as babies have little say in these things. However you may think about circumcision itself, that's a separate issue altogether and you can read about what I think about that here.

(via Friendly Atheist: This Guy Has a Good Reason to be Anti-Circumcision)

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