Monday, 26 August 2013

March for Jesus Organizers "Disappointed" Christian Flag Was Not Raised At City Hall

A float from the March for Jesus parade.
Pastor Shirley Walsh and the March for Jesus folks in Windsor, Ontario are disappointed. That was the news on the television last Friday.

March of Jesus organizers disappointed flag not raised at city hall

Go watch the video there. I can't figure out how to embed the thing.

This is, of course, good news for secularism and a healthy separation of church and state, but the story made Walsh and the March for Jesus folks out to be the real victims here.
"We don't mention religion, churches, pastors, we just talk about Jesus and we have a good time," says Walsh.
Oh no.... right... marches for Jesus have nothing at all to do with religions or churches (wink wink). You may think that this might be the case with 22 Christian churches getting together to do a march, but not so at all! (nudge,nudge)

It turns out the city found the March to be part of a larger Christian evangelical movement. And under the city's flag raising protocol there is a rule against this.
Under the city's flag raising policy, any flag that supports discrimination, a political or religious movement, cannot be flown.
Movement? Pah! No movement here and nothing to do with religion. It's just a friendly get together where people who happen to be members of 22 Christian churches just happen to talk about their god made man god together and then raise a flag in his honour at city hall. No religious movement here!
“On the 19th of Aug, Our Christian flag will be raise over city hall once again in Windsor, On…”The city of Windsor has a blanket of darkness over it and When we raise the Christian flag, Jesus will command the angels to lift the four corners of that blanket over our city. So the SON can shine through and eyes of understanding will be open. They will know  that Jesus is the answer.Amen!!Praise the Lord for answered prayers!! 
Nope, they just want to be part of the fabric. 

I don't think I buy that and neither did the City of Windsor.

Most notably lacking from the news story was any sort of representation of why the private citizens opposed the flag raising so much - such as forbidding government endorsement of a religion. They seemed to only focus on how the March for Jesus group is the victim here (for no well specified reason), and they draw parallels between the raising of the Christian flag with the raising of the LGBTQ Rainbow Flag. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

One comment to the story from Jim McDowell sums up an emotion I got.
Pastor Walsh played the "Granny" bit nicely during her on camera bits, not once did she bring up that fact that the main group behind the march is a Evangelical group which has in their mandate to make all non-Christians Christians, and the whole bit about how they say there is a dark blanket over our fair city and that they are going to pray to their god and Jesus to send his angles down to remove it. No mention either in the news piece about All Saints Church did not allow them to fly their flag there either. There is lots more to this story then just the City of Windsor not allowing them to fly the flag at City hall.

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