Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Here's one example why an evidence-based education founded on science, skepticism and rational thinking is so very important in places like Uganda.

No time today for a long post. Life's left me a bit frazzled lately. Mostly house related.

So here's something short. On my fundraiser to build new classrooms for the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda, someone left this delightful comment:
Please get out of my country. We do not need your atheism. We do not need you to come and bring your Western ideas. We are now independent from Westerners we do not need you meddling anymore, leave us in peace with our God. If you do not believe than woe to you. My people are Christian and religious and they aren't complaining. Please, leave us alone.
I guess she never read that the school was actually started by a Ugandan and is being run entirely by Ugandans! By a Ugandan Humanist organization actually. Oh, and last time I checked, Christianity was most definitely an outside import religion to Uganda.

School Director Bwambale Robert left a good response to this. Go check it out on the fundraiser page.

Also, everyone cheer because we've made it past $3,700!  So we're past the 10% mark!

Children at Kasese Humanist School
I've started a fundraiser to help build classrooms on newly purchased land for the Kasese Humanist Primary School.

Please consider donating!

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