Thursday, 15 August 2013

Follow the Pathfinders' Blogs & Help Conserve More Water With Your Coffee

The intrepid travellers in the Pathfinders Project have begun this year's Humanist humanitarian voyage and you can read all about it on their blogs!

Conor's Blog

Wendy's Blog

Ben's Blog

Michelle's Blog

These blogs are showing Humanism in action. It's a great read! Go check them out!

The Pathfinders Project is also looking into a monthly subscription based fundraising program with a caffeinated twist.
GROUNDS FOR HUMANITY is a hand-crafted Pathfinder-selected blend of the finest coffees from the finest artists. The teaching artist-activist owners of Picacho Coffee Roasters offer this exclusive blend with a commitment to seek higher sustainable water standards in the production of the coffee in your cup. Few know that it takes 36 gallons of water to make one cup of coffee. Grounds For Humanity uses dry processed coffee which cuts that water footprint to 11 gallons. Make that coffee fine. Make that coffee count.
You help reduce water consumption. They send you coffee? What a deal!

You can let them know you are interested in this program at the Grounds For Humanity information page on the Pathfinders website.

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