Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Canadian Secular Alliance Praises City of Windsor: City Hall Did Not Fly Christian Flag

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Remember that church group that wanted to raise the Christian flag at Windsor City Hall?
“On the 19th of Aug, Our Christian flag will be raise over city hall once again in Windsor, On…”The city of Windsor has a blanket of darkness over it and When we raise the Christian flag, Jesus will command the angels to lift the four corners of that blanket over our city. So the SON can shine through and eyes of understanding will be open. They will know  that Jesus is the answer.Amen!!Praise the Lord for answered prayers!! 
(I have preserved the erratic capitalization from the original for dramatic effect.)

Well, it turns out that not only are blankets cozy but that this church group, which is also putting on the March for Jesus, simply didn't have a prayer!

Local resident, Susan, contacted the city and put a stop to it. The city revoked permission to put up the flag on public property. The March for Jesus Facebook page canceled the event the night before and it never happened.

The Canadian Secular Alliance (CSA) released this statement, praising the city of Windsor:
August 20, 2013 13:36 ET
Media Advisory: Secularists Praise City of Windsor's Decision to Stop Raising Christian Flag 
TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - Aug. 20, 2013) - The Canadian Secular Alliance (CSA), a public policy non-profit organization advancing church-state separation and the neutrality of government in matters of religion, congratulates the City of Windsor in ending its practice of raising the Christian flag over Windsor City Hall. 
"Allowing 'March for Jesus' to raise the Christian flag over Windsor City Hall breaches the city's own praiseworthy secularism policy of prohibiting endorsements of one religious group over others," said CSA Spokesperson Justin Trottier. 
While prohibiting the Christian flag raising, the City of Windsor is still allowing 'March for Jesus' banners and other Christian symbols on city space, which the CSA does not oppose."The display of religion in public is fine, provided government not be seen as endorsing particular belief systems," said Trottier. "We trust the City will provide equal promotional opportunity when similar requests start coming from other religions, or atheist organizations."
Congratulations to Susan and the city of Windsor for doing the right thing!

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