Sunday, 7 July 2013

Help Build A Humanist School In Uganda!

So, first we helped fortify the minds and bodies of Ugandan children at the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda with improved nutrition by building them their own chicken coop.  They now have a regular supply of eggs to help their minds expand and learn about Science and the world in a dogma-free Secular Humanist environment. This is good.

But the school is renting its land and buildings from the railway company.  So we helped it purchase new land alongside a river!  New permanent buildings can be built! Flush toilets can be installed on the new land - something not available at the current location. There will be more space for children to play and do physical education. No rent means more of our money goes to important school projects! This is better.

There is one building on the land and it's an old one. The school managed to patch it up nicely but it is not on the electrical grid. Readers of this blog and others came through again and have raised enough funds to electrify building one! This is even better!

The land is now there waiting and School Director, Bwambale Robert, has contacted a good general construction company in the region to construct ten new classrooms on the new land, which would inject much needed funds into the local economy and give Kasese's only Humanist school its permanent home. This will be absolutely fantastic!

I've started a fundraiser page on

You can read the full proposal written by school Director Bwambale himself on the Causes page.

I realize the goal is rather huge for our small community and this small blog.  But I think it's a damn worthy cause and I'm willing to run with it. 

Remember, even through $35,000 is a daunting number, every dollar really adds up! Usually it's the first few thousand that are the most difficult in these things. If you have $5 or $10, please donate if you can!

You can help greatly even if you can't donate.  Spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and wherever you usually haunt. Bring it to your Skeptics in the Pub. Heck, send it to you religious friends too.

The plan is to begin construction in March/April 2014. I think that together we can make this happen!

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