Wednesday, 1 May 2013

May 2nd: Worldwide Protests for Free Expression in Bangladesh


Over at the Friendly Atheist blog, Communications Director for CFI USA Paul Fidalgo just posted about the CFI international protests in support of jailed Bangladeshi atheist bloggers that will be taking place tomorrow in the following cities! If any of you could make it, it would go a long long way! Spread the word far and wide!

Worldwide Protests for Free Expression in Bangladesh

Washington, DC: Embassy of Bangladesh, 3510 International Drive NW, Washington, D.C. 20008. 4:30 pm ET. 
Ottawa: High Commission for Bangladesh, Constitution Square Centre, 340 Albert St, Ottawa, Ontario K1R 7Y6. 4:30 pm ET. 
Calgary: Consulate of Bangladesh, 633 6th Avenue South West, T2P 2Y6. 4:30 pm MT. 
Toronto: Eaton Centre, 214-2 College St., Toronto, Ontario M5G 1K3. 12 pm ET. 
London: The British Humanist Association is holding a leafleting protest from 10-4 p.m. outside the Bangladesh High Commission in London. Volunteers are asked to email 28 Queen's Gate London SW7 5JA
BANGLADESH: Dhaka: Press Club, 4:30pm in UTC+07. (Independently organized)
I sincerely hope everything will go down peacefully at the Bangladesh protest! 

And I would also personally encourage Canadian protesters to publicly ask what the new Office of Religious Freedom is doing in this case and why they have remained so silent about this!

Paul writes:
It’s nothing less than a human rights crisis. And it’s prompted us to begin this coordinated effort.
I suppose the ORF is not getting involved because it's a human rights crisis and not a religious rights crisis?

You can get up to the minute information about this on the Facebook page and its Twitter hashtag (#defenddissent).

I posted earlier about this back when it was due to happen on the 25th. I'm happy to see prominent blogs like The Friendly Atheist spreading the word!

On May 2nd, speak out for human rights in Bangladesh!

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