Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Kasese Humanist Primary School Update And How You Can Help!

Nice healthy chickens.
It's been awhile since we got an update from Bwambale Robert, Director of the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda.  Awhile back, this blog along with some big help from donors, was able to fundraise enough money to build a chicken coop to help feed the children at the school.

Read on about how the night watchman had to defend the chickens from a robber.
I'm updating you plus other followers about the KHPS Poultry project after some lengthy time due to other activities I have been working upon. 
All the layer chickens are in perfect health and they are still giving us eggs. Now, we are normally collecting 35 eggs daily and we have been supplying the eggs to three classes weekly. 
In order to help sustain the coop (purchasing the feeds and the oxy-vitamin powder that we normally add to the water), we have been selling off a few crates to realize the money to purchase these from local suppliers.  All in all the project is running smoothly.
However, we did had one incident where a thug had attempted to come steal the local breed chickens housed in the ground floor but he was repulsed by our night watchman who was alerted by the dog.
I am reporting to you that we now have 22 local breeds and three of them have chicks numbering eight and this gives us a total of 30 local breeds which feeds on a free range outdoors during day time. 
Am attaching a few photos showing the chickens in pictures. 
I lastly thank all the generous donors who made this happen.  Am also planning to add more local breeds soon.
If you've seen some pictures of the coop, you'll realize that space is rather limited on their current site.  Because they are renting the facilities, there is also little incentive to build larger building on this land.  However, because of a successful fundraiser, the school was actually able to buy its own land!  A new, larger coop could be built on the land that would help feed more children and generate more revenue for the school to bring it closer to self-sufficiency.

Why not check out the fundraiser to bring electricity to the new land?  This is the first step towards the construction of new facilities on the recently bought land.  Most of the money have been raised already, we only need $330 more!  Why not chip in a few bucks?

Otherwise, spreading the word is something you can do for free and it also have a stupendous net effect!

I've set up a fundraiser for this here.

A HUGE thank you goes to Tanya Smith and everyone at Atheist Alliance International for agreeing to collect and send these funds to the school!

Check out the sign!

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