Sunday, 7 April 2013

Help Out A Good Humanist Cause!

Awhile back I started up a fundraiser to bring electricity onto the newly purchased land for the Kasese Humanist Primary School over in Uganda.

Well, so far a total of $760 out of $1100 has been raised.  The fundraiser actually says $260 out of $600, but that's because $500 of the required funds has already been donated by a generous sponsor - Mary Bellamy.  Thanks so much, Mary!

I'd like to think we're now in the home stretch but things go slow when you've got a little newish blog like mine, on the fringes of the blogoverse.

So, if you've got $5 or $10 to spare and would like to chip in for a good Humanist cause that benefits kids in kill-the-gays-bill and crazy-uber-evangelical Uganda, it would be greatly appreciated!

Otherwise, spreading the word is something you can do for free and it also have a stupendous net effect!

I've set up a fundraiser for this here.

A HUGE thank you goes to Tanya Smith and everyone at Atheist Alliance International for agreeing to collect and send these funds to the school!

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