Thursday, 7 March 2013

Uber Fun Atheist Churches: Why The Hell Not Start Your Own?

Pippa Evans and Sanderson Jones en masques.
I've been covering the Sunday Assembly for longer than I can remember.  I like them. It's that atheist church in the UK that I wish we had here in Canada.  Well, it turns out a lot of other folks around the world are interested in perhaps becoming franchisees.

Well, the creators of the very very successful so far Sunday Assembly, Pippa Evans and Sanderson Jones,  have put up this video with the following message in the description:

"If you want to start a Sunday Assembly please get in touch with us. Hope you like the video. Best, Sanderson and Pippa x"

These two are the sorts of people I would definitely invite to my dinner party.  Or just hang out or learn German with while exercising.  I'd even go to church with them.

On their website they've described this initiative as their Sunday Assembly Everywhere framework.
Would you like to have a Sunday Assembly in your town? Do you think that a regular meet up to sing songs, hear great talks and generally recharge the batteries sounds like a good thing? Great. Here’s how you can do it. 
We have come up with Sunday Assembly Everywhere, a framework that will allow you to have the great Sunday Assembly experience, while making sure that it always stays true to who we are. 

Here's the promotional video.  Look at these friendly atheists wanting you to go to their church. Watch it.

I hope someone here in Montreal does this.  God knows, we've got enough empty churches lying around.  Maybe Pippa and Sanderson should get together with the Clergy Project and arrange something?


  1. I never really enjoyed service when I was a church-goer. It was more something I had to put up with if I wanted access to the tea, biscuits, and fellowship that took place afterwards. That being said, I might get into it if it were more about talking ethics and involved some discussion. Even then, though, I'd really be more interested in more community-type activities.

    Regardless, this brings us back to a discussion we were having a little while ago about how this could happen in Canada. As it is, religions have so many advantages. They have access to federal tax refunds, for one thing. Most also have access to provincial and municipal perks, such as property tax breaks (in some cases, even the minister of a church can apply the property tax breaks to his dwelling as well). In addition to this, many religions have some kind of mandatory (or heavily encouraged) stream of donations from members, and the threat of hell for those members who don't pay up.

    Getting the money to start and sustain an atheist church in Canada would be far more complicated since, the way the laws are set up currently, we wouldn't have access to many of the perks that help religious institutions remain viable.

  2. GodlessPoutine8 March 2013 at 19:30

    Thanks again for your awesome comment! These are all valid points. All those breaks for churches need to be stopped. In a way it's kind of a chicken and egg thing because people can argue all the "good" churches are doing (probably because they're not paying taxes or rent) while pointing out how there are very few alternative models.


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