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The New Kasese Humanist Primary School: Planning Begins For First Stage Of Construction

This small building already exists on the land.  Plans are
to patch this up first so it can be used to store supplies. Then
the plan would be to run electricity to this first building on
the land, which will allow for the use of power tools, pumps,
cement mixers etc,  during the construction of other
So, the fundraiser to buy new land for the permanent home for the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda was a resounding success.  Since then,  Project Manager Bwambale Robert and his school management team have been planning the next steps that will lead to construction.

The plan is to build the entire school out in phases.  Each phase will be comprised of different buildings, will be budgeted and executed separately and will add immediate new functionality to the land.

There is already a damaged building on the land.  It's been identified as the low hanging fruit, as repairing this structure will give the school some permanent presence on the area and is an easy first stage.
The School Management Meeting that sat yesterday at the school proposed that we work on plastering and closing tightly the house on the site and connect electricity. We also require to wire the building first before we proceed with the electricity connection exercise. 
This is the building pictured above.  A bathroom building is situated some feet away.  This first phase will also require at least one electric pole for the city to hook it up to the local grid.  Of course, before any of this happens, the large gaping hole in the wall needs to be sealed and the windows should at least be shuttered from the elements.  Bwambale has already started work on that.
I have today purchased 4 trips of sand and paid for 20 bags of cement in the local hardware shop and commencement of the plastering of the permanent structure on KHPS begins within this week.
When things are sealed up tight, the building will need to be wired up internally.  Bwambale is also in the process of pricing out the power line and power pole charges.  It's possible this may trigger more fundraising.

Editor's Note 2013-04-09: A fundraiser has begun to bring power to the new school land!

I've set up a fundraiser for this here.

A HUGE thank you goes to Tanya Smith and everyone at Atheist Alliance International for agreeing to collect and send these funds to the school!

I asked Bwambale if he had a surveyor's map or something that would give us a better idea about where the land is, the shape of the plot and where the building is situated.
Unfortunately, I have no surveyor's map of the area but I have tried to take a snapshot on google map showing the area in its true form showing the fencing limits, the blue housed structure in the property can also be seen and you can notice the mango trees and River Nyamwamba  in the western side. 
As you see on the attached google image, the size is 9 acres up to the river banks and this is a big piece of land as most schools here are always constructed on a stretch of 2 acres. Its terrain is raised from the river and relatively flat. I am planning to plant gluveria trees species allover the River Nyamwamba side as an effort to protect the soils from erosion and i am still waiting for rainy season to surface in a months time.
I was able to locate the existing building and nearby bathroom building on Google Maps.  It is the structure with the bright blue roof.

Volunteers from the Pathfinders Project ( were originally going to help out with the construction but, as described above, the school management has decided that major construction on the site will not begin until around March 2014.  So the volunteers will be there to teach and help raise awareness in the atheist and Humanist communities to help with fundraising.
The Pathfinders Project volunteers will still come purposely to teach at KHPS and have promised that while they are here, they will try all they can to fund raise for the construction of the KHPS on its permanent land, this too increases our chances to attract potential donors to our cause.
The plan is to send four volunteers to the school sometime between September and October 2013.  While there they will blog about their experiences.  So we'll have four more blogs covering the school!  Conor Robinson from Pathfinders Project responded with this in an e-mail.
Turns out we won't be doing much construction - the four of us will mostly be teaching - but we will be helping with the fundraising for the major construction that will begin in March, 2014.
So the goal is rather lofty and the steps toward it will seem slow at first.  Still, things are moving on this. Watch this space!

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