Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Banana: Created By God To Be Ray Comfort's Worst Nightmare?

The first time I heard of Staks Rosch was on Stacy Transancos' Accepting Abundance, which is still, by far, my favourite Catholic blog ever.

Stacy was addressing Staks in her post Schooling an Atheist on Grammar, which I found so very delightfully irritating that I was forced to launch a series of posts in response.  I never did quite finish those because I promised to read some book about Catholic Theology and, well, I'll still reading it.

Staks returns into my little godless world to tell me all about how the banana is no longer the Atheist's Nightmare.  Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron declared this to be true some time ago and the video made its way to be infamous.  It gave Comfort the title Banana Man.  I know I always think of bananas when I see Ray, he is simply bananas.

Ray Comfort: Doesn’t like the ‘B-word’

'B' is for banana.

I personally don't care who Ray bans from his Facebook wall, as I have little desire to visit or read it.  Although he did recently declare war on atheism on his Facebook page - so I guess some monitoring is in order for intelligence purposes: monitoring troop movements etc.

Anyway, Staks sums up the irony rather well here.

Here, Comfort implies that he would ban atheists from his page if they even mention the fruit. While he of course has the right to ban whoever he wishes from his page without explanation, it is a little ironic that he has such a strong reaction to the thing that he claimed was an atheist’s nightmare.

Ironic indeed.  Maybe, if there is a God, He finds Ray and Kirk so annoying that he actually didn't create the banana specifically for us as humans to eat.  Perhaps the banana was specifically designed by God to become Ray's namesake, a fruity focal point of ridicule just to get back at Ray Comfort.

The banana is so perfectly suited to make Ray Comfort look ridiculous that I fear he'll have to admit it, God created it to make him look silly.  Maybe God has lost faith in himself long ago and has become an atheist and so passes his time creating yellow fruit in order to play an elaborate joke on Ray.  If I were a god I might do it.

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