Monday, 25 March 2013

Humanist Primary School New Building And How You Can Help!

Repair work continues on Building #1 at the newly acquired property
for the future home of the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda.
Just a few months ago, new land was purchased by the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda thanks to a successful fundraiser within the atheist and humanist blogging community. It will be used as the school's new permanent home, as they are now renting the current land and buildings.

Phase one of this transition is already afoot.  It is to fix up the already existing building on the land. This work involves sealing up any holes in the structure - including a giant opening where the window and door is missing and then hooking up to the Ugandan power grid.

Here are a couple of updates from Bwambale Robert, the school's Project Manager, on the progress at the project.  Also keep reading this post to find out how you can help make this project a success!

March 17th
Today, the builders worked on plastering the outer top portion on the three sides of the house.  I have taken a few shots onsite for followers to keep posted. Attached on to this message are the images of what magnitude of the work that was done. A total of five builders plus four porters were at the site. 
Covering the old weather-worn brick with a protective
coat of cement.
Since the exercise began, I have so far used 18 bags of cement and  tomorrow, I will be placing an order for 20 more bags to assist me in having the interior rooms plastered, floored and will possibly aid in ceiling making.
Several days went by but I was too swamped with work to put an update onto my blog.  Here's Bwambale's next progress update.

March 21st
I am passing to you news about the completion of plastering works on the KHPS property. 
What remains to be done is working on the ceiling, flooring, making a veranda and if all goes well, a possible rough caste on the outside wall and some coating of paint. 
Also there is a need to finalize the wiring exercise and possibly erecting electric poles a work commonly done by the Uganda Electricity company (UMEME). 
I sent to you a budget for the wiring and installation exercise. 
Working on interior plastering.
Right now I can say so far realized is plastering of all the 5 rooms inside is complete. The entire outer walls have been plastered. The missing door and window on the single room have been replaced with a fresh one. 
Am attaching to you a variety of photos showing the looks of the property as an update on what is going on right here. 
Looking forward for a possible fundraiser soon, hope you received the budget proposal I submitted to your office sometime back.
I did get the budget but, as I mentioned before, life caught up with me and I haven't been able to do much posting about this until now.

Help Us Make This Happen!

Bwambale has gone ahead and sent me a detailed cost breakdown for the wiring project of this existing building.  It comes to around $1000 USD.  You can take a look at it here:

KHPS 2013 Wiring & Connection To Power Grid Costs

I've set up a fundraiser for this here.

A HUGE thank you goes to Tanya Smith and everyone at Atheist Alliance International for agreeing to collect and send these funds to the school!

 Bwambale also sent me a short video of the plastering work!

Work to finish exterior cementing of the bricks and to replace the missing door and window.

External cementing to seal off brick.

Door and window installed where the gap used to be.

The building as it was when the land was purchased.  For the sake of comparison.


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