Saturday, 9 March 2013

Secular Humanist: 1, Witchdoctor: 0.

Malawian Secular Humanist George Thindwa
"A traditional medical practitioner in the central region district of  Dedza who declared his capabilities to bewitch Association for Secular Humanism (ASH) Executive Director, George Thindwa, had his soft belly exposed when he shunned him this week."

Link: Malawi humanist Thindwa confronts man who threatened to bewitch him: Herbalist refuses to avail himself

I'm not real certain what the soft belly thing means, but the news out of Malawi is that Secular Humanist George Thindwa has neatly won his showdown against witchdoctor Masiyambuyo Njolomole who is also president for Dedza Herbalists Association.  The witchdoctor failed to show himself after having accepted Thindwa's open one million kwacha challenge to anyone who could bewitch him.
He claimed he had made attempts to discuss his bid with Thindwa through phone but he was chickening out. 
However, in a twist of events, the traditional healer lost his nerve when Thindwa came to Dedza to meet him on Wednesday.
Thindwa, who appears to be a rather large man, apparently stormed the Malawi News Agency offices looking for Masiyambuyo and the reporter who wrote the article about the planned showdown.  I wish I was there to see that, it must have been like something out of a movie!

It turns out the witchdoctor was afraid Thindwa may have plotted something against him and that he needed a guarantee of safety before doing the showdown.  Perhaps he was afraid his magic would not work against such a strong force field of reason and skepticism.

Thindwa has over ten people casting spells on him so far, with no ill effects whatsoever.

Thindwa is the Executive Director of the Malawi Association of Secular Humanism.  His organization recently received a half-million dollar grant from the Norwegian government to combat the harmful effects of the belief in witchcraft in the country.

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