Sunday, 17 March 2013

Construction Begins at New Location For Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda!

Masons using sand to mix cement.

In the last update from the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda,  the school Project Manager, Bwambale Robert, informed us that the existing building on their newly acquired land would be patched up for use.  This would be phase one of the longer project of getting the school moved off their rented land near the old railroad station to this new permanent spot.

Well, work has begun on this project full steam. Construction has begun to repair this structure and build in five small rooms. I'm excited to share some news about this along with some photos from Bwambale.
The construction exercise kicked off early this week when I procured some 20 bags of cement and three trips of sand to commence the activity of plastering the structure.  The actual construction work began some two days ago.  
The masons began on the western side and proceeded with the backside yesterday, Friday. This Saturday the builders have surrounded the entire structure, plastering the lower side below the ring beam. The work to be done includes plastering the structure inside and out,  shuttering the damaged area in the front,  fixing the ceiling and flooring in all the 5 rooms and putting a veranda all around. Some work will also be done to improve the bathroom/toilet.
A builder in action plastering the building on day two.
Tomorrow, Sunday, they will work on the upper sides outside until they have surrounded the entire building.  
I have bought 12 timbers of 4 by 2 that they will use to stand on as they plaster the upper part. I have also bought some poles and ropes to aid in making the stands.
I am optimistic that in the next 2 days the builders will have finalized the outer part and next week, they will be working on the inside rooms. The structure under renovations has two double rooms and a single room. 
As I mentioned in the last update, there is a large gaping hole in the side of the building where the brickwork is completely destroyed.  It turns out this is the work of petty thieves who made off with the door and window for a quick sale.
About filling the damaged area on the building.  I have contracted a local welder to make for me a metallic door plus a metallic window which we shall fit in that big hole which was created when unknown thugs who dismantled the house by stealing a door and window to make ends meet.
The large hole on the right will be filled in with a newly
contracted metal door and meta-framed window.  A welder
has been contracted to do this work.
Once the structure has been sealed properly from the elements, work will begin on the inside to make it more livable and prepare it to be hooked up to the city power grid.  This last part of the project may necessitate some fundraising, as power poles will need to be bought and the power line will need to be run onto the property by the power company.

Once plastering inside this house commences, we shall put plastic conduits  and MK Boxes as a provision where the electric wires will pass and plan to put a wall like ceiling to make the building look smart. So this will necessitate some wood form work , nails, mesh wire to make the ceiling. 
I will soon make available how much is needed to connect electricity to the property in due course by all in all its like I will be required to pay for 1 or 2 electricity poles to  access the national grid nearby. 
To all friends and well wishers of KHPS, Many thanks in advance for the continual support of our school. 
Unbelievable progress so far!  I am amazed at how quickly things are taking shape on the new land.

In other news, the school is doing fine and the students are starting their midterm examinations soon.

The chickens are producing 30+ eggs a day and are healthy.  These chickens were provided, in whole, along with a complete coop construction by a previous successful fundraiser!

Four Pathfinders Project volunteers are also scheduled to visit the school and help out with education of the children sometime in September and October.  So busy times indeed at the school!

River Nyamwamba at west side of the KHPS property.

Viewing the building from nearby bushes.

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