Monday, 11 February 2013

Uganda KHPS Children Get Their First Eggs! And How You Can Help The School Get A Permanent Home!

There's lots going on at the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda!  The new semester has begun and children are finally getting the first eggs from our Poultry Project that successfully built a chicken coop to provide eggs for the school.  Here's an update from Bwambale Robert, the school director, and some news on the latest major project the school is undertaking.
The KHPS poultry project is going on very well. The eggs are flowing in gradually with at least 10 eggs per day and we have so far harvested 5 crates. A full crate holds 30 eggs. We have started the execise of giving out the eggs to the KHPS children and since the total number of eggs coming out are inadequate the criteria we are using is to distribute the eggs to the children per class and the exercise will be rotating.
Although the output should ramp up somewhat, there is a more permanent solution to this problem - new land and space for a larger coop.  Continue reading for more information. 
The chickens some time back were all vaccinated against New castle virus, a deadly disease that affects most the poultry industry. I was advised to do this by the chicken feed and poultry supplier in our area. 
As for the local breed chicken, they are also doing fine and we have resorted to having them feed on free range during day time while at night time they are fed indoors.
Am attaching a few photos showing the egg distribution exercise where our children are being given eggs to accompany their breakfast. A video showing the egg distribution exercise is also available on the KUHASCHOOL PROJECT YOUTUBE account.
Click here for the Youtube movie of the egg distribution: Egg Giving at KHPS!

Announcing a New Project

The chicken coop project has been a resounding success and I would like to thank all of the donors again!

But there is a new exciting news about some prime land the school has secured.  I described it here in Kasese Humanist Primary School to Buy Land For Permanent Home!  You can also read about this directly at the school website KHPS Secures Land in Kasese Municipality.
On another note I am informing the friends and well wishers of Kasese Humanist Primary School that the school has of recent identified and purchased land that will be a permanent home for KHPS and there is a fundraising going on where we welcome donations to aid us finalize payment of this land. 
You can help out by donating to this cause through the Atheist Alliance International donation page!

(Be sure to specify you are donating to KHPS on the AAI landing page.)

You can read more about this fundraiser at its landing page:

I will be updating the donation thermometer every couple of days or more often if we get into a successful streak.

If you can spare a little money, it will go a long long way to help these children have an education that lays emphasis on critical thinking and the scientific method and teaches compassion and tolerance of all races, creeds, sexes and sexual orientations.

What better way to combat the very root cause of hate laws like the proposed Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Bill (aka "Kill the Gays Bill") - fear and ignorance of LGBT people.  You can help educate new generations in an open science-based environment of free inquiry and healthy skepticism without the superstitions, dogma, ignorance and sex fearing teachings of many fundamentalist religions.


  1. The Godless Poutine, Thanks for all your efforts to publicize and fundraise for the KHPS and i appreciate your work. Having the school acquire the permanent home will boost service delivery as it means we shall have better school infrastructures like good classrooms, spacious library, computer room, Science laboratory, playgrounds, student demonstration gardens, permanent spacious chicken coop, camping grounds for secular communities etc. With science,we can progress.

  2. Been looking forward to this. Hooray!!!

  3. Hear, hear to Bwambale Robert's comment.

  4. Thanks for your comment ifcunning!

  5. We're almost there too! Around 2000 left! Thanks for your comment!

  6. Thanks for your comment Bwambale! I am looking forward to seeing buildings pop up on this new land!


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