Wednesday, 20 February 2013

KHPS Poultry Project And Land Purchase Update

Young children in the P4 class getting their first eggs.
After all this Office of Religious Freedom business, here's a little good news coming in from Uganda.  The following is the most recent update from Robert Bwambale, school director of the Kasese Humanist Primary School.

Bwambale starts with news about the recently successful land fundraiser organized by this blog and Atheist Alliance International (AAI).
Thanks for all the good work you are doing as far as promoting KHPS. I am writing in a thanking message appreciating all the contributions that was made to the schools cause of purchasing a permanent home.
The funds will be coming over from AAI to our group bank account here in Kasese in the course of this week. Thereafter, I will connect with my lawyer and we will transact the final process of clearing fully the remaining balances of 18,000,000 UGX (Equivalent to US$7000). Without your support my dreams would not have come to reality.
He then goes on to give an update on the Poultry Project was funded entirely through donations from the humanist and atheist community to a fundraiser organized by yours truly last year.
Yesterday at the school, we served 3 crates of eggs totaling 90 which were distributed to about 3 classes including the teachers and non teaching staffs and every one was happy.
Yesterday we held a parents meeting at the school and I passed around a note mentioning the poultry project and informed the parents that generous donors and well wishers of the school in the diaspora contributed funds that enabled the school to construct a chicken coop and stock it with chicks which we have reared for the last 4-5 months and are now giving out eggs which eggs are not meant for sale but to be distributed whole sum to all children of KHPS, without discrimination. The parents thanked the donors for their generosity and appreciated my efforts of connecting them to the western world.
I am passing over a number of photos of the layer chicken for our donors to look at taken today 18th Feb.2013. The layer chickens have started releasing 17 eggs daily and this number is expected to increase.  Why the eggs are not coming in as expected is because the supplier might have not given us the chicks born at the same time or it's a question of growth/maturity levels.
I  have uploaded a series of videos on our YouTube account for people to look at. Am also attaching relevant receipts on the poultry project expenditures.
It's nice to read some good news every once in awhile. Here's one of the new videos Bwambale mentioned.

Finally, here's one of those receipts Bwambale mentioned in his post.

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