Saturday, 16 February 2013

THANK YOU From KHPS in Uganda New Land Fundraiser - GOAL REACHED!

The school's current land is leased.  The new land will
allow more money to flow to school causes and more
solid and permanent school-owned structures can be 
Wonderful news!

I got this happy e-mail from Tanya Smith, General Manager of Atheist Alliance International!
US$7,525 to 16 Feb 07:53:08 PST. 
That's right!  The $7,250 goal amount has been raised and the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda can purchase their own land for a new school!

As of writing this post, we're at $7,525!  Rest assured that the surplus will all go to the school's other projects!

The school director, Bwambale Robert, summed up the advantages of the school owning its own land very well in a comment he left on one of my previous posts.
Having the school acquire the permanent home will boost service delivery as it means we shall have better school infrastructures like good classrooms, spacious library, computer room, Science laboratory, playgrounds, student demonstration gardens, permanent spacious chicken coop, camping grounds for secular communities etc.
I would like to thank all of the generous donors who made this possible and Tanya Smith from Atheist Alliance International who helped keep us informed about the totals and who's organization is providing us with the means to get this money to Uganda.

Meanwhile, any additional money raised will go to other very worthwhile causes at the school, such as their student sponsorship program.  You can specify how you wish your money to be raised in the donation page! The AAI is a permanent sponsor of the school and you are very much encouraged to continue donating to the school via the AAI site!

I will keep you all posted with news of when the school gets the money and when the deal is finalized!  Of course, getting the land is the first major step.  They'll be more chances to help this school out as it transitions to its new permanent home!

Thank you, everyone!  I'm very excited about the future of this school and the positive change it will no doubt help bring through the opening of many young minds in Uganda to science, tolerance, compassion and reason!


  1. Thank you for keeping us informed, G. Poutine ... you are amazing as is this project which we have yet to replicate in Canada. Imagine, a secular school promoting good scientific and moral values... unheard of in my province which publicly supports one denominational religious school system! At least Quebec was able to get rid of theirs.

  2. GodlessPoutine2 March 2013 at 23:24

    Thanks Kevin! If you don't mind, I'll reach out to you in the future for the next fundraisers for this school and any other charities I try to support. Thanks for your help to support this school too!


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