Wednesday, 2 January 2013

We Have Eggs!

The first eggs appeared on
December 28th.
Yesterday, I got a fantastic New Year's surprise from Bwambale Robert, Project Manager of the Kasese Humanist Primary School.  Some of the chickens acquired by the school's poultry project have finally started producing eggs!  Here's the news straight from Bwambale.
Hi Godless Poutine, 
Hope this email finds you and your family well as we begin the new year. All is moving on well here. Last night, we had jubilation's as we welcome the new year in our local town of Kasese. 
I am emailing to inform you that two of the local breed chicken have started releasing some eggs, one begun releasing the egg on 28th December last year and the following day, another one laid an egg and since then I now have a total of 9 eggs and are being kept safely in an egg tray. I will keep accumulating the eggs as they get laid and will be releasing them out to the kids as the school term begins. 
I am attaching to you a receipt of the recently purchased layers feed, that of the local chicken in the lower floor plus a snapshot of the laid eggs so far. 
I thank the donors to this project that its now time to reap what we have sowed but generally more eggs are yet to come in come February when I expect the layers breed to begin giving out the eggs. One obstacle right now is the high costs of the feeds and now that all of them are no longer chicks, their rate of feed consumption is high for at least I use 50 kgs of feed weekly so I need a boost. 
I am wishing you the very best in this new year and I think we shall try and avail to the kids eggs with effect from next term if all goes well. 
Yours in free thought, 
Bwambale Robert
This is excellent news and a wonderful way to begin a new year!  I'm looking forward to seeing some children actually eating the eggs upon their return to class.  A nice hard-boiled egg in the morning helps a child concentrate on their studies!

I'm now discussing with Bwambale about how to set up some kind of ongoing fundraising to maintain the coop, chickens, feed and supporting utensils permanently.  I'll likely set up an annual chip-in or some other kind of fundraiser once we have a solid idea of what the budget will be moving forward.

Again, a huge thank you to all the donors who have made this possible!

Receipt for a bag of chicken feed.

Chickens chowing down on the feed.

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