Thursday, 31 January 2013

Petition: Prevent the Distribution of Religious Material In Chilliwack Public School

The Gideon's permission slip to parents - a tool to single
out the non-believers.
Back in October, I posted about the Gideons trying to distribute their material in Chilliwack public schools.  Richard Ajabu got threatening letters aimed at him for trying to prevent this.

Well here is an update from the Canadian Atheist website:
On November 13th, the Board of the Chilliwack School District deleted Regulation 518 that stated, “The Board approves the distribution of Gideon Youth Testaments to Grade 5 pupils with parental consent.” At the same meeting, the Board agreed to draft a new policy to permit the “distribution of materials” by March 2013.
So even though they deleted the regulation, we're now, presumably in a bit of a void while they draft another policy.  And it appears they fully intend to allow groups to distribute material in this new policy.  I'm sure they're looking into sneaky new ways to sneak this in.

Anyway, the Board is gathering feedback to draft the new policy.
Superintendent Evelyn Novak intends to gather feedback through February to draft the new policy. While this feedback may not be open to the public, secular voices will be heard.
So here's our chance to speak out!  Well the BC Humanist Association has taken up the gauntlet and has put up an online petition to sign. Go sign this petition here!  I did.

Chilliwack School District Board of Education: Prevent the distribution of religious materials in public schools

If you're not Canadian, why not sign anyway?  You can show the Board they're getting International Attention of their silliness.  I see some international folks have already signed.

You too can help relieve teachers of the burden of managing permission slips for the Gideons!  Instead teachers could perhaps manage permission slips for a day-trip to the Chilliwack Museum!  Ah, real education...

Special thanks to Veronica from Canadian Atheist for bringing this development to my attention.

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  1. Oh wow. I had no idea that was happening in Chilliwack schools. I work in Chilliwack and have heard nothing. Going to sign that petition!


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