Thursday, 10 January 2013

Now William Lane Craig Goes After Darwin The Dog!

Craig's gunning against Darwin the Dog - a danger to the
youth.  I can already imagine the upcoming debate.
Remember that Dallas preacher, Jim Denison, who went after the American Humanist Association for daring to put up a website for kids (Kids Without God) that promoted critical thinking and Humanist values?  For shame!  His video was funny.

Well now my least favourite apologist, William Lane Craig, is also picking on poor Darwin the Dog.

Just read  ATHEIST WEBSITE FOR CHILDREN HAS ONE-SIDED ARGUMENTS!  Don't worry, it's a brief plug for Craig's site article that's only a few short paragraphs long.

The whole criticism of the site is that it doesn't provide all-sided arguments on the basis of reality.  No, wait, I think it actually means Craig is annoyed it doesn't consider his own argument about the basis of reality - God did it.
The website promotes the virtues of critical thinking and scientific reflection on evidence claimed to disprove one's faith, but Craig notes that the site never examines critical arguments against atheism.
No, the site attempts to foster critical thinking and skepticism in general of everything. From the Kids Without God website Parents section:
The goal of this website is to encourage curiosity, critical thinking, and tolerance among young people, as well as to provide accurate information regarding a wide range of issues related to humanism, science, culture and history. 
We hope that you and your kids will enjoy reading about Darwin the Dog, who is committed to an uplifting, altruistic morality without the influence of religion; and who is able to enjoy mythology while still differentiating between the real and the imaginary.
You know, rather than just drilling dogma into the children's brains.
Craig says a child's views are not solidly formed enough to understand the false arguments, let alone be able to defend them, so they can be easily misled.  Craig believes an excellent website for arguments in defense of faith is
You know, like being easily brainwashed into believing ancient mythologies.  Because every other Christian children's site out there need not present the arguments against Christianity - but the only Humanist children's site out there... they ought to be presenting the arguments against their worldview.  Double standard stemming from a privileged Christian outlook?  I think so, yes.

Oh and is Craig's own website.  Nice self plug there.  Real classy. Well, I suppose I might be just as shameless peddling my own stuff... or maybe not.

I also find it amusing that both this story and the previous one never provided an actually link to the Kids Without God campaign website.  Heaven forbid someone actually click on it for themselves!

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