Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Kasese Humanist Primary School to Buy Land For Permanent Home!

Edit 2013-08-16: The land has been bought and we are not in the process of fundraising to build new classrooms on the land!  Check out

Amazing news!  The Kasese Humanist Primary School is in the process of purchasing land of its own to eventually relocate to!  The school is currently renting the land it's situated on now along with buildings from the Uganda rail company.

Yesterday, Bwambale Robert, the Director of the school e-mailed me to say they have secured a large piece of beautiful land that will provide the school with a permanent home!
Well, I have some good news and bad news. The good news is that I have secured  a big chunk of land within Kasese Municipality to be permanent home for KHPS.
The bad news is that I have only been able to pay close to 50% and the remaining balance is needed in a time frame of two months.
Yesterday I made the transaction with a former prominent local leader who was selling to me his property to the tune of 35 million Uganda shillings.  I am obliged to pay in two phases.  I am through with first phase, having paid 17 million shillings cash yesterday. The last transaction was given a time frame of two months from now and I am optimistic we shall raise the remaining 18 million Shillings ($6,782 CAD).
The transaction was handled before a lawyer (advocate) to ensure every thing is smart and legally recognized and am attaching to you the Transaction Agreement.
The area covers a size of nine acres, some few metres from Kasese Airfield and 200m off Kasese - Fortportal Highway. The land is near the power grid, located in a prime area, very near Kasese town (2 km).   It borders the Nyamwamba River and above all will accommodate everything the school needs to have as in buildings and other projects.
You can google map the area on this link:
I've also taken the liberty of guesstimating roughly where the land is based on Bwambale's description.

View Larger Map
With all the fundraising we have been holding, I am requesting my international friends with you inclusive to set up a fundraiser such that we realize the balance in the stipulated time frame before 28th March 2013.
I am working to start my own fundraising in the next few days with a national organization.  But if you would like to donate some money right away you can donate to the school at the school's site.

Bwambale has sent a photo slideshow along with a video, which I shall include in this post.

Here is the land agreement for the purchase of the land.

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