Saturday, 19 January 2013

Kasese Humanist Garden In Uganda Yields Second Harvest And More Good News!

My Secret Atheist Blog: Maize drying in the sun.
Part of the harvest of maize still on the cobs drying
in the sunshine.
Well after that depressing last post about fecal transplants, I think we all require something a little more upbeat.  So here's some good news from Uganda.

Harvest Time

In my last post about the Kasese Humanist Botanical  Gardens (KHBG), Bwambale Robert shared news about the first harvest of food from this first year's crop.  That harvest consisted mainly of beans.

Now it's time to harvest the maize crop.  Check it out at the gardens' news blog!

Link: Crop Harvests From The Kasese Humanist Botanical Gardens

As I've mentioned in previous posts,  this food will help feed the children at the Kasese Humanist Primary School!

A Generous Donation

Awhile back I gave Bwambale a Paypal Donate button for the donation page at the KHBG website.  Well, I'm happy to report we have our first contribution to the project!

Mary Bellamy from Virginia has generously donated $100 USD to the gardens!  She was also one of the original contributors to the successful chicken coop construction project last year!

Thanks so much, Mary!

I wrote to Bwambale asking him if he had any immediate plans for the funds, which I hope to get sent to him in the coming week.
This is good to hear of the donation from Ms. Mary Bellamy. I appreciate her assistance! I must say that to keep the gardens lively and properly maintained, I am aiming at putting on it a permanent shelter which will serve as an office, store of the produces and housing caretakers to keep the gardens in shape. 
I have already got sand nearby the gardens site which I will soon collect to one point, will also get the bricks, murram and will work to put up the first house. I will finally send you photos of the progress of the work. 
As with the funds, they will be helpful to buy close to 3000 bricks, which is a good start.
So it looks like these funds will go to the construction of permanent structures on the gardens site!  If you want more information and news on this, check up often on the garden's news blog.

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