Friday, 18 January 2013

Fecal Transplants: Woo Stops Being Funny When Parents Abuse Their Autistic Kids

Fecal bacteria picture.
Fecal bacteria at 10,000× magnification (source: Wikipedia)
I'll warn you that this post is disturbing, sad and anger-inducing.  It's also rather disgusting, so you've been warned.

Awhile ago my wife Kelly showed me a disturbing new trend in alternative treatments for Autism.  It's called MMS, otherwise known as feeding your kids bleach.  Well, the story gets even more repugnant.

While researching MMS, she came upon another utterly repulsive and dangerous form of abuse that's being encouraged by some pretty sick individuals posing as experts.

Her post covers not only the previously discussed MMS therapy but the absolutely horrendous, beyond words, absolutely abusive practice of fecal transplants.

Yes.  You read right.  And it's just as disgusting as it sounds.

This is on helpless children - forced of course.

I'm not saying this is not a valid and effective treatment in some circumstances practiced by medical professionals.  It's very effective in eliminating C. difficile.  But there is no evidence yet this has any effect on Autism and there is a big difference between getting this treatment in a hospital environment and mom chasing after her kid with a cake icing cone!  People!  Wait until there is some evidence it does some good before you start playing with your feces!

This is an example of pseudoscience that is really hurting people who are already suffering: both the autistic child and their family.  As the father of an autistic child, this makes me sick to my stomach.

I usually try to keep Friday posts light, but this needs to be exposed for what it is - pure abuse by parents who obviously have crossed the threshold and are now in need of psychological help.


  1. Wow. Just. . . Wow.

    I had heard about how certain parts of the alternative health movement were starting to co-opt the gut microbe theory of disease into their movement. I just had little idea that things had gotten this far. Damn.

  2. Thanks for your comments. It keeps getting worse and worse. But what it demonstrates is profound desperation on the part of the parents and a health care system that's so under-equipped as to leave huge gaping holes for pseudo-science to creep into.

  3. I'd dare say that some of the anti-mainstream collective of medical care sceptics have taken on the idea of 'self experimentation', which is clearly not all that noble or ground breaking an approach as it is made out to be by those 'sticking it to the system'. There's a time and place to scrutinise mainstream science and resort to self-experimentation and then there's a time and place when it is best to leave that tinfoil hat in the deepest reaches of one's own closet.

    To be honest, I could dedicate a whole mini-thesis to this topic, but now isn't that time. It's not like I am against the idea of individual's becoming better informed, but in the practice of self-experimentation, I rarely see that level of critical informed decision making that would merit such a risk. I like the idea of scientific inquisitiveness among individuals, but I also find that a lot of nonsense is being promoted under such a ruse. Now we do have mainstream medicine that is facing some challenges, so some people--influenced by the wrong sources--end up taking a radically opposite approach, which is categorically worse..


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