Friday, 4 January 2013

Comments From Christians

I guess I shouldn't dwell on things from last year.  I guess I could have made that a New Year's resolution but then I would be breaking it now - so it's better for everyone I didn't, right?  I promise to start thinking more of the future real soon... like in the future.

Over the past year it seems my little blog (on the edge of the known blogoverse) has entered the radar of some Christians.  This is a very good thing and I wholeheartedly welcome every one of them!

Some of them have offered detailed and thought out comments to my posts, challenged my points and even defended their own.  Some examples of excellent Christian commenters are SerantisDeath and Christopher Lake in Leah Libresco: Ships With Different Trajectories.  Serantis' comment triggered a blog post response by me.

Then there was John H. Graney who left an excellent comment (which I do not agree with at all) defending the Catholic Church's stance against gay marriage in You Support Gay-Marriage? No Communion Cracker For You!  I responded with Are Catholics Who Oppose Same-Sex Marriage Bigots? where I think I more or less accused him of being bigoted - but in the nicest way possible.  My basic point was that as the times change, public views on what's bigoted and what's not change - and the times they are a changing.  I still owe him a response to his detailed reply.

But you see what I'm getting at here?  Even though these people are clearly wrong and misguided, they are still civilized enough to put their ideas out there into the market for me.  They critique me, I responde to them, they defend their points and we have discussion.  On the sides, people get to watch and make up their own minds about who has the stronger argument - they get to think freely... free-thought.

It's these comments that annoy me as a blogger - the drive bys.  Here's a response to K.P. Yohannan: Brain Off, Jesus On, Wallet Out.

Now how is this helpful at all?  I responded to Greg that he should read my complete review of Yohannan's book No Longer A Slumdog and let me know where I'm wrong.  You know... defend him and his work ... change my mind.   So I get no response from Greg.  I understand.  Maybe he's a busy guy.  Karen jumped in to boost Greg but gave me nothing either.

In response to my post Have I lost my Theology Enzyme?, which was about how confusing I found C.S. Lewis in his Mere Christianity, I got this even more baffling comment that starts out sane enough but then seems to roll right off a cliff.


Anyway,  I've been lucky so far and I've gotten very few drivebys.  Most of the Christians who leave comments on my posts seem to be willing to defend - or at least explain - their points of view or at least what their point of view means to them (whether or not I can actually make any sense of it).  I hope this continues into the new year.

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