Sunday, 2 December 2012

Yey! Eschaton 2012! What a Great Way to End the World!

Yours truly, awkward tall guy with unkempt hair, with PZ
So I arrived at the gala of my very first convention - the gala night at the Canadian Museum of Nature that features a talk by PZ Myers at the Eschaton 2012 event in Ottawa!   I was a nervous, awkward newb!

Unfortunately, I need to get back to Montreal tomorrow morning, but I had a great time!

Veronica from Canadian Atheist was nice enough to introduce me to PZ Myers.  I then got to meet Heina DadabhoyIan Cromwell, Hank Fox, Ania Bula, Vyckie Garrison, Seanna from CFI Ottawa, and Kevin Smith and Michael Payton from CFI Canada!  And many many more awesome people!

Not only were you guys happy to chat with nervous old me, but you all were happy to let this conference nube feel welcome.  Heina even taught me some dinosaur facts I'd not know and suggested a cool book for my son!  I think it's this one! Thanks, Heina!

PZ delivered a very informative talk on Chance in Evolution.  It started out with a laugh when it was discovered someone had edited his introductory slide to read PZed Myers (Most Canadians pronounce the letter 'Z' as zed.)  The talk itself taught me a lot about evolution I had never known before.  The fascinating thing is the one-hour talk seemed to fly by and felt like just 15 minutes to me.  It was very entertaining!

I was very impressed by how cool and inviting everyone was!  You all made me feel welcome and it was nice to be in the company of people who see the world like I do.   I'm terrible with names, but you all know who you are!  Do leave a comment and I'll thank you on the blog!

You can bet I will come back for another conference!  Thanks, all of you!  You're all awesome!


  1. I'm so glad you had fun, and it was great meeting you! If it makes you feel better, I was a conference virgin as well, and probably just as nervous as you were! Montreal isn't so far away - you should definitely come to one of our potlucks, and bring your son :)

  2. I agree - this conference had an extremely friendly energy to it. CFI Ottawa is like that:) It was great to meet you too! I wish there was more time to chat. BTW - you did not seem nervous in the least.

  3. When he gets a little older I may just do that. He loves trains, so maybe we'll ride on down for a potluck sometime. I'll look for you guys on

    Thanks for the comment!

  4. Thanks Kevin! I'll try to follow the CFI best I can. Drop me a line whenever you have any important initiatives - such as Uganda - that you would like me to spread the word on. Thanks for the comment!

  5. Glad to know you had fun, Poutine. :)


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