Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Big Obama Mystery Solved! A Groovy Survey! A Terrifying Video About Canadian Politics!

Spent most of the day trying to work from home and look after a three year old who's getting over a fever.  So, not much time to work on any post of substance.  I did, mysteriously find time to read a few articles here and there on the web - interesting how that works.

On today's menu we have The Big Obama Election Mystery, World-Wide Persecution of Non-Religious Finally Gets Some Serious Press and A Delightful Video All About the Dreadful Canadian Office of Religious Freedom that I Keep Wailing About.

Skip down to the video if you don't feel like reading.

The Big Obama Election Mystery

Atheists provide answer to big Obama election mystery : Well, leave it to the Atheists to solve a mystery for Catholic Online.  Now if only we could make any sense whatsoever out of this 3 = 1 thing .  It's a mystery that has apparently deeply troubled many of the Catholics who wanted Obama's opponent to win - what was that guy's name again?  Anyway, I'm sure glad he lost.
A baffling mystery that has troubled Americans since early November may finally have an answer; how did Obama, with so much opposition arrayed against him, manage to eke out the votes to win the election? Demographic data suggests Obama had the support of a previously ignored coalition.
And they identify this coalition as Atheists, Agnostics and non-religious folks!
What is most interesting about the bloc is that they identify with the left and democratic issues much more than the right. This does not bode well for conservatives. Why this is remains a mystery, but surveys say they tend to support anti-life policies, redefining marriage, and other socially liberal causes.  
And their number is only growing.
I grew the font size on that last line - and the bloody red ... mine.  It sounds so ominous doesn't it?  But, wait!  What can religious conservatives do to stem this ungodly onslaught!?!?!
They must unite to build a wall against the creeping secular threat to traditional values. Second, greater efforts must be made to recover the youth and insulate them from attacks by atheists, and those who say they are "spiritual but not religious."

World-Wide Persecution of Non-Religious Finally Gets Some Serious Press

There's been a fantastic splash of worldwide press coverage of the Freedom of Thought 2012 report from the International Humanist and Ethical Union.  Among other things it highlights imprisoned and persecuted Atheists and Agnostics, many are featured in the CFI's Campaign for Free Expression.

There is some interesting Canadian coverage coming out of this, including Atheists, non-religious targeted for 'blasphemy' on social media, which includes a poll about religious (and non-religious) affiliation.  Why not go vote?

Incidentally, the Jakarta News has noticed the report with regards to the country's treatment of jailed Atheist Alexander Aan - Pancasila Blasted for Repression of Atheists.

A Delightful Video All About the Dreadful Canadian Office of Religious Freedom that I Keep Wailing About

All that press coverage above got me thinking about where the so-called Office of Religious Freedom is at.  And whether they would be of any use at all to people Alexander Aan.  Well it turns out that Youtuber 600tongues made this excellent video about the office and about how it will deal with protecting the rights and freedoms of Atheists and Agnostics!  Are you ready for the answer, fellow godless folk?


Yes, they're not going to bother standing up for people who don't happen to be religious.  Thanks John Baird.  Guess there's no point in wasting any more letters on you.


  1. Yeah, I was a xtian, or so I called myself. For more than 44 years I believed there was some personal god in the sky that actually was watching my every move and would reward or punish me accordingly. Oddly enough I was a supporter of conservative candidates (Bush et al). Now that I am not delusional or superstitions I DO tend to align myself with more liberal concepts. Weird. I did not vote for Obama and I actually voted for John McCain and that Snowbilly Grifter Palin but I am a different man now and until I die. I just wish the republican party would jettison the religious crap and get down to business. But until they can I find a more rational home with the liberals.

  2. Oh Yeah. I almost Fergot. 'Murika!


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