Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Still Waiting For the Eggs!

I got a short update from Bwambale Robert about the Poultry Project at the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda.  Still no eggs, but I thought I'd pass it on to everyone anyway.
All is fine here with the chickens. They are all healthy and growing up.  I had speculated that eggs might be there from the local breeds at the end of this month but I am still waiting. 
I am attaching some photos of the chicken in the two coop rooms. In some photo you will notice the chicken coop caretaker attending to the chicken. 
To all those who supported the chicken project plus all friends of Kasese Humanist Primary School,  I send to you Seasons Greetings & a Happy New Year.
Yours in free thought,
Bwambale Robert
We can't be that far off now from having eggs.  Once they start producing, we can begin to look into making sure the coop has proper funding moving forward.

Chicken keeper working on the ground floor of the coop.

Receipt for a large bag of chicken feed.


  1. Those are good healthy looking chickens. I love this project.

  2. Bwambale has promised to send pictures of the children with the eggs as soon as they appear. Thanks for the comment!


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