Friday, 7 December 2012

Some Random Friday Morcels

Nothing terribly witty to say or share so far today.  So I thought I'd just post a few things I found interesting or amusing.

Automatic Chicken Cage Supplier 与您共享了照片

I guess I've been posting about the Kasese Humanist Primary School's Poultry Project long enough to garner international attention.  I got this e-mail from the Senior Sales Manager of what appears to be an automatic chicken cage supplier in China.  I think the chickens we sponsored in Uganda have it way better than the chickens who find themselves in these cages (yes, I know they'll still eventually be eaten).  It's like MSNBC Saturday night TV.
Dear Sir or Madam, 
Liaocheng Dongying Hengtong Metal Manufacturing Co.,Ltd here.
Glad to hear that you are on the market for Automatic chicken cage.
We are a professional producer of the complete sets of equipment for raising birds. At present, it is an enterprise which has the import-export license and exports a batch of comp-lete sets of automatic equipment for raising chickens. 
These products gained good prestige among customers and they are not only used in great-scaled biological raising farms in domestic provinces, but also exported to Middle Asia, South and East regions, Australia, South America, Middle East areas, Africa mainland and so on in great lot. 
We are willing to wholehearted with all the friends and customers to establish good relations of  cooperation, realize a win-win benefits, and create a magnificent performance. 
If any interest, feel free to contact me. 
Best regards,
Senior Sales Manager,
No thanks! The Kasese coop was build from scratch and employed local workers in the process.  So a win-win situation - for the humans at least.

Get Counted By The Atheist Alliance International Census

Go to the Atheist Alliance International Atheist Census and get counted!  Well, their servers seem to be taking a beating right now, but maybe by the time you read this they'll be up.

Sign an Online Petition at to Demand Presidential Veto of Notorious "Kill the Gays" Bill

Go sign the petition to Stop Uganda's Kill the Gays Bill.  If you watch the video below directly on Youtube, try to ignore idiotic comments like this one!

You can also watch this video here.


  1. Thank you for the tip on The Atheist Alliance International Census. Reposted at

  2. Atheist Alliance International8 December 2012 at 00:10

    Thank you for promoting Atheist Census. The site is currently offline after a DoS (denial of service) attack. Someone doesn't like atheists being counted

  3. Very cool! Looks like they got taken down though.

  4. Thanks for the response, AAI. It's a shame there are such trolls. I'm convinced that people also intentionally vote down Atheist items on Reddit as well. Like when I post links to Humanist charities - the last thing I expect is a bunch of people jumping on it and voting it down!


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