Wednesday, 19 December 2012

More "Merry Christmas" Fallout In Saskatoon

Ashu has earned the epitaph Saskatoon Grinch.
More about the Ashu Solo vs the City of Saskatoon story I posted about yesterday.

The Center for Inquiry Canada just released a statement concerning this whole affair.  You can find coverage of this over at Canadian Atheist.

From what I read, they always prefer a cooperative approach (read: no gratuitous complaints to human rights commissions).  This is pretty much my point of view that I relayed in my last post.

However, like me in my post yesterday, the CFI also seems to notice that the city's reaction (or lack thereof) suggests a definite preference to the Christian religion - which is worth discussing.
Saskatoon Mayor Don Atchison has been uninterested in following up on any attempts at a conversation and instead this week argued that Saskatoon was founded as a Christian city and is currently a faith based community. Given the Mayor’s own response, perhaps the debate about “Merry Christmas,” trivial though it may at first have seemed, now provides a much needed opportunity for a bigger picture conversation about what role religion did historically play – and should continue to play – in the public square of our society.
Well now the usual suspects have begun the counterattack so to speak.  Fox SunNews, who thrive off these kinds of stories, has picked this up.

No support for Saskatchewan man who wants 'Merry Christmas' off buses
A local man who has vowed to continue fighting to get "Merry Christmas" off city transit signs isn't getting much support -- not even from people he says he represents. 
Non-Christian religious groups and secularist groups say they don't agree with Ashu Solo.
Here's a couple of SunNews talking heads - neither of whom I would ever invite to dinner party - bashing Ashu Solo.

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  1. Hmm. I am in a bit of a tough spot here; I quite like using the phrase "Merry Christmas!" especially on Jehova's Witnesses. ; )


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