Friday, 14 December 2012

Kasese Humanist Botanical Gardens: The Harvest Begins!

A woman working in the field.
Yesterday didn't start out well.  I had a migraine from the night before that wouldn't cease, my digestion was wonky and I read about some lunatic who carved a pentagram into his six-year old son's back because it was a 'holy day' (2012-12-12).  All of this was depressing.  But then I got something that cheered me up!  It's a progress report from Bwambale Robert about the Kasese Humanist Botanical Gardens in Uganda!  So enough whining about me.  Let's jump right into the latest update.

I am passing over to you latest update from the botanical gardens. 
We are harvesting the beans and so far we have realized four bags. These beans are going to be kept for usage next term and are going to be kept very safe from rodents and bean weevils. I am still expecting two more sacks.  Normally at the school, we use three sacks of beans a term so this means the surplus will be sold off after leaving aside the best quality beans to replant in the next season.
Remember, one of the goals of the garden is to make the Kasese Humanist Primary School as self-sufficient as possible.  So it's great news that enough beans have been grown to provide all of the school's bean needs for the next two terms!  So this very worthwhile project is already beginning to pay off.
Harvested beans.
We have not yet to harvested the maize, but this will possibly be in two weeks time as they are drying up.  We have yet  to be harvest the ground nuts, which still have some 2-3 weeks to go.  The fruit trees on the gardens are also growing gradually but we encountered problems with the palm trees where rodents were a big blow.  They were eating the roots of the palm trees and generally only a few trees are coming up. 
The thorny shrubs to act as a hedge are also coming up.  But these days, I am concentrating on ensuring the fruit trees get into shape and upon the availability of funds for walk ways and a sign post. 
I am attaching a few photos for the followers of Kasese Humanist Botanical Gardens to look at. 
Remember, there are ways you can help this project!  Check out the website link above!

Bwambale also ensured the Kasese Humanist Primary School's Poultry Project is going along fine.  The first eggs are likely due by the end of this month.
Also the chicken in the coop is doing well and will be informing the donors on the status of the chickens.
With all the insanity going on at the Ugandan Parliament over their Anti-Homosexuality Bill (destined to be passed December 25th!), it's nice to see some encouraging humanist news coming out of the country - especially on a Friday!

Ground nuts in the garden.

A young man working in the gardens.

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