Friday, 7 December 2012

CNN Story on Indian Blasphemy Charges Against Sanal Edamaruku

There's an excellent video report on CNN: Debunking 'weeping Jesus' forces exile

The story gives an overview of the insane charges laid against Indian Rationalist Sanal Edamaruku, who has been forced into exile for demonstrating that a crying Jesus in Mumbai was actually weeping tears of raw sewage.  The local church priest was giving the faithful this water to drink for healing purposes, by the way.  So, as he says in the video, he was doing these people a favour.

But the'll have none of this.  He's being charged with Deliberately hurting religious feelings and attempting malicious acts intended to outrage the religious sentiments.  Well that's what you get for telling people they're drinking shit water.  Sound a little familiar?

It's the Catholic Christian Secular Forum that's pressing these charges.  Just listen to Joseph Dias, representative of the group:
Sanal should realize that his right to expression must not encroach on my right to freedom of faith, of belief, of religion which is guaranteed under the Indian constitution.
In other words, his right to be deluded into thinking that the water coming out of a statue are the tears of a two-thousand year old fictional character rather than sewage.  Of course, Sanal isn't preventing them from going back to this false belief - he was just trying to discover the truth and share it with them.  But it would appear searching for the truth and sharing it with others is about the worst thing you can do - according to these people at least.


  1. India and secularism are a humourless oxymoron. I made some comment about this when I was deluded enough to be on MySpace back in 2006. Some 'secular council', being yanked around with a dog-chain and collar by the Catholic establishment of India, demanded that Slayer's 'Christ Illusion' be banned from the country and they succeeded, because feelings need to be protected while lives, opinions and sense of individual conscience and dignity are somewhere at the bottom of the priority ladder, well beneath the water level of suffocation under state dictum.

    Someone really needs to beat the bloody drum on the topic of India and the debauchery that it promotes as secularism. This is certainly not secularism by any measure,

  2. I know very little about the situation in India. I had no idea the Catholic Church held such power there.

  3. Actually, my apologies. To be clear, it was the 'Catholic Secular Forum' (Aww, ain't that cute? Another oxymoron!).


    Eh. It's Slayer. No big deal. It's a niche thing for head-cases like yours truly. Although too bad that their fans in India probably had to rely on the black market means to get a hold of the music but at least no one was jailed or whatever.

    On the other hand, some of these other recent developments are just edging on pure insanity. It's like, they're competing with Pakistan or something for the "I can be more religiously bigoted and intolerant," and India's technically winning out by essentially hijacking secularism to converge all these old-world non-truths into a position of absolute immunity against all enlightened criticism and dissent.

  4. Thanks for this comment! I must admit, I don't have much to add to this that's intelligent. I know so little about Heavy Metal that I confused "Slayer" with "Winger" in my mind! You remember the band Beavis and Butthead mocked? Well, NOT THE SAME BAND. So my apologies to you and Slayer!

  5. Lol! No apologies necessary. . . It's Slayer and Slayer fans -- not exactly the hallmark of traditional respect and standards. ; ) Besides, you made a great Beavis and Butthead reference.

    By the way, really digging the stream of new posts!


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