Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Updates From Ugandan Humanist School and Botanical Gardens

Two young P.7 Kasese Humanist Primary School graduates
performing at their graduation ceremony.
There's a lot going on over at the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda these days!  Yes, that's right, this is a Secular Humanist school in Uganda - the same country that passed the horrible bill making homosexuality a crime worthy of life-imprisonment.  All the more reason to support initiatives like this school in Uganda!

Here's a short report from the school Project Director, Bwambale Robert.  As you can see, he's a busy man.

School Farewell Party

It was graduation day at the school for their P.7 class.  This meant a big Farewell party on Sunday 25th, November.
The Guest of Honour was Mr Turuganya who is currently the Municipal Education Officer, Kasese Municipality. Other invited guests in attendance at the event were the delegates from Kasese United Humanist Association
And from an e-mail to me from Bwambale himself:
As the school term comes to a close this coming Friday 30th November. I thank all those who have continued to support the Kasese Humanist Primary School in our efforts to try and inform the world that a secular oriented education is necessary to allow people to think critically,explore freely, use their brains fully and exercise their full potential by getting an education that is free from dogmas and indoctrination. 

I couldn't help posting the picture of a couple of graduates getting down on the dancefloor.

There are many more pictures on the Kasese United Humanist Association blog KHPS Candidates Fair well Party 2012 in pictures.

School Acquires Plastic Water Tank

Thanks to charitable donations to the Foundation Beyond Belief last quarter, the school was able to acquire a fresh water tank and plans to use the funds to build a library and furniture.
I have published an article about the Water tank on the school website and perhaps in your future post,you can go ahead and inform those following your blog about it. I will also soon try and invest the FBB funds in making library furniture , book shelves and reading tables. Check the article KHPS Acquires a Plastic Water Tank.
A water tank may not seem like much to most readers of this blog, who have as much water as they want anytime from the tap, but it helps the school a lot.  From the article:
The harvested rain water will help the school with ready water and will act as a substitute to the water tap. The water will be used for cooking, bathing, washing clothes and cleaning the toilets.
Again, click here for more information an pictures of the tank and its construction.  Thanks Foundation Beyond Belief and its amazing donors!

Kasese Humanist Botanical Gardens

Bwambale inspecting the maize (corn).
The initiative to begin growing food and useful fruits and vegetables on a plot of land owned by the Kasese United Humanist Association is going along well.  Looks like the corn is nearly ready!
The beans plus the maize in the botanical gardens are starting to dry up so that we can harvest them and after this will try and create walkways. I am also supposed to erect a road side sign post on this property so that even passersby can know of this site. I know the local authority will charge me some monies for erecting a signpost, something i am very ready to meet.
Here is a link to the gardens' website.

First Came the Chickens, Soon Come The Eggs

The chickens as of November 26th.
The chickens are maturing nicely.  It looks like the children at the school will get eggs by the solstice.
I am in final stages of making nesting boxes where the hens will lay the eggs and I am very optimistic that eggs will start being laid late December by local breed chicken and late January 2013 for the layers breed. This means with effect from next term, the school shall be in position to offer eggs to KHPS children.
Getting the coop built was a fantastic achievement made possible by readers of this blog, Pharyngula blog, and many others in the Atheist, Humanist and Freethought community.  But some money will be required for the general upkeep of the coop.
I am attaching latest photos of the Layers chicken in the Top Floor of the coop and well wishers to this project can start donating again in support of this project any time after December 1st. This money will strictly go towards purchasing poultry feeds and oxy-vitamin drugs for the chickens.
So please consider helping the school out with this.  You can donate to the school via PayPal at the Atheist Alliance International website.  Remember to check Kasese Humanist Primary School as the intended recipient.  You can email Bwambale at as well to possibly earmark any donations to specific causes.

So, great news from Uganda!


  1. Thank you for posting. I am so excited to see the chickens growing up!

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